7 Valentine's Day Houseplants You Can Buy Online

7 Valentine's Day Houseplants You Can Buy Online

Buy beautiful houseplants online for every special day in your life. 
Consider this: Cut flowers may fade after a week, but a growing plant will live for years (sometimes decades). So, this Valentine’s Day, give the gift of long-lasting love. Give a houseplant. Here are a few beautiful options:

Loved for its heart-shaped leaves and flowers (and delicious tropical vibe), anthuriums stay in bloom for months. This easy-care tropical plant prefers indirect light. It's easy care, too.  
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Get a big, bold, tropical look in your home with Monstera. This trendy houseplant features big leaves that have holes and cuts in them, called fenestration. Monstera plants thrive best in indirect light. Studies have shown that houseplants, such as Monstera, have healthful benefits for their plant parents. See other Plants with Benefits™
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Silver Dragon
This stunning hybrid elephant ears shows off metallic silver leaves accented with dark green veins. It's an easy-care houseplant that grows slowly, although eventually will grow up to 2 feet tall. 
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Mini Succulents

Succulents are the darlings of the plant world because of their unusual thick fleshy leaves, sculptural shapes, and varied colors. Succulents do best indoors in bright light and require little watering.
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Snake Plant

One of the easiest plants to grow, snake plant is also one of the most striking. The long, sword-shape leaves and vertical growth habit of this tropical plant make it an ideal plant for narrow spots. 
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Hoya Heart
The rooted single leaf of the heart-shaped Hoya kerrii makes an ideal gift for any occasion. Also known as Valentine or Sweetheart plant, Hoya hearts maintain their heart-y form for years.
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Raven® ZZ Plant
If you are looking for a plant that excels in low-light, this trendy ZZ is an excellent option. Raven® features glossy, chocolate-brown leaves. It's easy care, too, ideal for new plant parents.  
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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson