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Choosing Houseplants

Houseplant Design Tips for Every Space

Stunning Centerpieces If you're looking to create a captivating table centerpiece, living houseplants infuse natural beauty into your dé...

9 Colorful Little Houseplants That Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes you need just a little pop of color in your life! Check out these small but colorful plants to brighten up kitchens, bedrooms, ...

10 Fabulous Indoor Ferns

Indoor ferns offer so many different looks, from frilly to strappy, to some that look like elk antlers. Here are 10 of the most amazing. ...

Low-Maintenance Houseplants You’ll Love

Low-maintenance houseplants are among the most popular indoor plants we grow here at Costa Farms. It’s no wonder why. If you’re looking f...

10 Best Low-Water Houseplants

If you love houseplants, but occasionally forget to water them, chose varieties that thrive on neglect. Here are ten great indoor plants ...

10 Best Low-Light Houseplants

If your home or office is short on light, enjoying houseplants might seem an impossible option. Not so! There are many plants that thrive...

Add Color to Your Home with Flowering Houseplants

Flowers are the perfect way to imbue your home with life and color. Here are some of our favorite flowering houseplants. By Justin Hancock

Top Plants for College Students

These 12 low-maintenance plants are perfect for every college living space.

Easy to Grow Houseplants with Colorful Leaves

Sometimes plain green just won't do. Dress up your interior decor (or shade gardens!) with these houseplants that have colorful foliage. ...

Terrific Trees Are Fantastic Houseplants

Bring big style and drama to your home with beautiful houseplant trees. By Justin W. Hancock

Holiday Gifts that Last All Year

If you’re looking for the one-size-fits-all holiday gift, think Norfolk Island pine.

7 Valentine's Day Houseplants You Can Buy Online

Buy beautiful houseplants online for every special day in your life. 

5 Top Low-Light Houseplants

Good news! Some houseplants excel in lower light levels. See the top 5!

Best Houseplants for Apartments

You have an apartment. You want a houseplant. How do you choose? Use our handy guide!