Silver Streak Pothos: New, Rare, Beautiful

Silver Streak Pothos: New, Rare, Beautiful

Silver accented leaves are all the rage. Meet the newest member of this elite group. 
If you spend a lot of time scrolling through plant photos in social media, you may have noticed an emerging trend: silver accents on foliage is all the rage. We wrote about this trend last year (Leaves With a Silver Lining), and the list of metallic-inspired foliage keeps growing. The newest member in the silver-leaf category is an unusual Pothos (aka Epipremnum) called Silver Streak (Epipremnum amplissimum). And you’ll be seeing more of this newcomer in the coming days.

Uncommon and surprising
You may not have seen Silver Streak before. It’s been on the radar of plant collectors for sure. When you do see it, you might not think it is a pothos. Because it doesn’t look like the traditional varieties. “This uncommon Epipremnum species sports narrow, lance-like leaves that set it apart from other more common Epipremnum varieties,” says our Horticulturist Justin. It’s versatile too. “It can be grown trailing from a basket, climbing up a moss pole or totem, left to scramble, or regularly pruned to keep it more full and bushy,” he says. 

Silver Streak is easy, too
Caring for this unusual plant isn’t complicated. Silver Streak enjoys medium to bright light; this is light found within 3 feet or so of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window. It can, however, do fine in lower light levels (just like its cousin Golden Pothos). Lower light levels result in slower growth, says Justin. “It will grow slower and will look more stretchy, with longer stems between the leaves,” he says. Silver Streak does not need you to fret over a watering scheduling. It will survive happily for a couple of weeks without water. Don’t over water this plant; wait to water when the top couple of inches of the potting mix is dry to the touch. Silver Streak likes some humidity (as tropical plants do). “It’s happiest in average to above-average relative humidity levels (40% or more),” says Justin.

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson