New for 2022: Houseplant Containers

New for 2022: Houseplant Containers

Plant containers follow trends in color, form, and texture, just like fashion! See how Costa Farms’ 2022 family of containers embodies the latest trends.
By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Plant containers follow trends in color, form, and texture, just like other areas of fashion such as clothes, shoes, and cars. See how our 2022 family of containers embodies the latest trends.

The Perfect Pot (for the Perfect Plants)
When you see a cute little cactus growing in an adorable little container at your local garden center, you’re looking at the work of our design team. The product development team decides what containers best highlight cacti and succulents, leafy houseplants, and outdoor tropical plants that Costa Farms offers in stores and online. As home decorators know, marrying the right pot to the right plant is a creative act.

Quiet, Textural, Earthy (and Collectible!)
Our design team collaborated on a new look for the plants of 2022. Jackie Costa, our Manager of Product Development says that the new family of containers is born out of the love of neutral colors, textural vibrancy, and strong vertical lines. “Geometry and balance play strong roles in this pot’s design,” she says. The inspiration for the 2022 container collection is quiet and textural, with earthy tones. This collection makes decorating with plant/pot combinations easy to mix, match, and collect. “They create a unified look,” says Jackie.

A Quiet Simplicity Pairs with Any Plant
The artfulness of the vessel enhances the aesthetic of the plants. “We are focusing on an interior decorator vibe,” says Jackie. Hanging plants, such as pothos and philodendron, and vertical beauties, like snake plant and ficus, look gorgeous in the containers' linear supportive design. From orchid bowls to containers for easy-care ZZ plants, these pots offer stylish planting options for any interior -- from Scandinavian Hygge to Asian Zen to Farmhouse Fresh.

Creative Containers Start with Trend Research
The creative process of container creation starts with extensive trend research. Our team combs through online sources, such as Instagram and Pinterest, and also track trends from interior decorators and home and garden magazines. Since design is global, the team synthesizes trends from the US, Europe, and Asia, attending product shows for furniture, textiles, and design products. They also work with third-party designers, a veritable Dream Team of trend spotting.

Translating Trends to Containers
There’s a bit of a crystal ball aspect to the process. Container design is a big collaborative party of cool ideas, distilled into shapes, textures, and colors. The design team creates color and mood boards to help choose the color palette and look. The result? This family of containers comes in a trio of easily mixed-and-matched Pantone colors with shapes and textures that are clean, vibrant, strong. They are sized to fit small to tall plants so that they can be used together to create a custom design. The neutral color palette and textural simplicity help elevate the plant that sits inside it, says Jackie. “They make decorating with plants easy.”

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