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Second-Wind Summer Containers: Reassess, Replace, and Revive

If your late-summer containers are looking a little worn out, make some colorful replacements.

Summer Houseplant Care Checklist

Here are 5 things to consider in caring for your indoor plants in summer.

6 Colorful Flowers for Tropical Color Schemes

The fastest way to infuse color on porches and patios is with tropical flowers in juicy citrus colors.

3 Flower/Foliage Combos for Sunny Spots

Sun-loving annual and tropical flowers and foliage offer a colorful options for containers.

Pastel Flowers for Romantic Porches

Add containers of yellow, blue, and pink flowers for a soft glowy vibe.

Starting or Expanding A Garden

Dream big (but start out small) is good gardening advice. Consider these 7 things before you dig in.

Curcuma: Plant A Summer Surprise

Curcuma is an underused tropical plant with gorgeous flowers and lush leaves.

Give Butterflies a Drink

In addition to nectar-rich flowers, butterflies also need a fresh water source in your yard.

5 Tips for Enticing Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Fast-moving, jewel-tone hummingbirds are fascinating additions to your yard. Here are tips for attracting them.

Making Scents with Lavender

Lavender is a fragrant perennial for cool and warm climates. 

Bring Hawaii Home with Ti Plant

Want to transform your home or landscape into a Hawaiian paradise? It’s easy when you splash a heavy dose of colorful Ti plant around.

5 Reasons to Love Pentas

When you think of summer annuals, pentas may not be the first flower that comes to mind. So, see five reasons it's at the top of our shop...

Dahlias: A Family Tradition

Beautiful blooms and an array of colors makes this easy-care flower a winner for generations of gardeners.

5 Reasons to Love Lantana

Are you looking for a reliable bloomer for containers or the landscape? You can't go wrong with lantana!

5 Reasons to Love Hibiscus

Big showy flowers are the number one reason people swoon over hibiscus. But there are more reasons to plant this beauty.

6 Reasons to Love Salvias

There are so many reasons to grow salvias. See six!

Gardening with Mandevilla

Try mandevilla in your beds and borders!

Can Gardening Help You Live Longer?

Gardening is good for your health!

The Colors of Summer

For a nonstop display of bold color in your garden, you can't go wrong with cannas, caladiums, and curcuma.

How to Water (Smarter)

Spend more time admiring your plants and less time watering and fussing. Here's how. 

Add Big, Bold Houseplants--To Your Patio!

Are you looking for a way to give your patio or balcony a dramatic new look? Why not move your indoor plants outdoors and let them grow t...

Top Plants from Our Trials

We test more than 500 varieties of brand-new plants in our Miami, Florida, Trial Garden. See which did the best! 

Containers, Chicago Style

The city streets of Chicago are ablaze with color from perennials and annuals. 

Camping With Your Pet: What You Should Know

Ensure your pets stay happy and safe on summer trips.