Go Bold with Tropic Escape

Go Bold with Tropic Escape

Tropic Escape® mandevilla are easy-care tropical plants that bloom all summer. They're perfect for decorating decks, patios, and other spaces.
Mandevilla have come a long way in the past few years. I remember growing the old-fashioned varieties, with their long, lanky stems and relatively few pink flowers. 

Today, mandevilla -- especially our Tropic Escape® series -- offer a lot more variety. You can get climbing varieties for trellises and other structures, but now they're available in rich shades of red, pink, and white. They're not as lanky, either -- so you get a fuller-looking plant with a lot more blooms. But there are also mounding types that are perfect for filling a pot (either by themselves or mixed with other tropicals, annuals, or perennials). 

If you haven't grown mandevilla before, give them a try. I've found that they're surprisingly durable when I get too busy to water them as well as I should. They hold up better than you think! 

Looking for some easy-care that grow well with Tropic Escape® mandevilla? Here are some of my favorite no-fuss, big-impact companions:

-- Angelonia (its spiky shape is a fun counterpoint to mounding mandevillas)
-- Evolvulus (its blue flowers look good with all colors of mandevilla)
-- Elephant ear (the bold, tropical foliage is a perfect companion for Tropic Escape® plants)
-- Lantana (like angelonia, it also flowers nonstop no matter how hot the weather gets)
-- Scaevola (this low-growing groundcover is perfect way to accent mounding and climbing mandevillas)

Learn more about selecting the best type of mandevilla for your yard. 

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Written by Justin Hancock