3 Ways to Save $$ with Your Holiday Decor

3 Ways to Save $$ with Your Holiday Decor

Use Norfolk Island pines in these surprising (and cost-effective!) ways.
Holiday decorating can be spendy – especially when you love to go all out by using fresh greens and living decor.

Look no further than Norfolk Island pines to save to some cash as well as adding a fresh take on holiday decor.

Here are three ways to decorate (and save!).

1. Use a Norfolk Island pine plant as a Christmas tree.
Tiny lights, tiny garlands, tiny ornaments – there are endless and adorable products to buy (or make) that allow you to transform your Norfolk Island pine plant into a sparkling and festive holiday tree centerpiece.

Your decor can be thematic: choose nature (use acorns, tiny pinecones), classic (tiny balls and baubles), or whimsical (tiny nut crackers, gnomes, or Santas).

If you live in a household with kids, getting each one a tree and having a decorating day may become your next holiday tradition.

2. Use small Norfolk Island pines as centerpiece decor.
Place one, two, three, or a whole forest of Norfolk Island pines for a winter-wonderland effect. Combine tall and small Norfolk Island pines in a cluster on a tabletop, mantel, or in a front entryway will make a simple, festive, and natural statement of the holidays. Give the plants as gifts later.

3.  Use Norfolk Island pines with other houseplants to create fresh holiday greens vignettes.
Combine Norfolk Island pine with other holiday beauties such as holiday cactus, red-flowering anthurium, and colorful aglaonema. Fill a large ceramic pot with a Norfolk Island pine in the center, surrounded by a flurry of red-flowering houseplants.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson