Enjoy Norfolk Island Pine Indoors

Enjoy Norfolk Island Pine Indoors

Get tips for growing Norfolk Island pine indoors. 
Unless you’re lucky enough to live in South Florida, Hawaii, or another subtropical region, you’ll want to grow Norfolk Island pine indoors. We get lots of questions about whether you can plant this charming plant outdoors after the holidays, but the truth is that it’s a tropical tree that doesn’t tolerate frosty or freezing temperatures. In fact, pine is a bit of misnomer – this tree is more closely related to monkey puzzle tree and bunya.
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Norfolk Island Pine IndoorsHappily, it’s easy to grow Norfolk Island pine indoors. This holiday favorite is a no-fuss houseplant that’s relatively undemanding in its care.

Lighting Norfolk Island Pine
Indoors, Norfolk Island pine tolerates low, medium, or bright light, but it does best in brighter spots. Another cool thing about the plant is that it doesn’t need sunlight to grow and thrive -- fluorescent lights are just fine. 

Watering Norfolk Island Pine
Like most houseplants, it’s best to Norfolk Island pine when the top inch or so of the potting mix is dry. Avoid keeping the soil wet all the time; this can encourage root rot. 

Fertilizing Norfolk Island Pine
As an indoor plant, Norfolk Island pine isn’t particularly fussy about fertilizer. You can feed it as little as once or twice a year, or more frequently if you want it to grow faster. Any general-purpose houseplant fertilizer will do the trick. 

Humidity for Norfolk Island Pine
While these trees tolerate average household humidity, they really thrive with a little extra moisture in the air than you typically find indoors, especially during the winter. You can boost humidity for yours by growing on a wide tray of sand or pebbles and water (so the pot sits on the sand or pebbles, above the water). That way as the water in the tray evaporates, it humidifies the air right around your plant. You can also add humidity for Norfolk Island pine indoors by growing it with other houseplants as most plants release a small amount of moisture into the air as they breathe (just like you do!). That way your plants can humidify each other. 

Drafts and Norfolk Island Pine
Beautiful Norfolk Island pines hate hot or cold drafts when grown indoors. So protect your plant from heating or cooling vents, and don’t keep them next to drafty doors or windows. 

Sizes of Norfolk Island Pine
A relatively slow-growing plant, Norfolk Island pine can reach 6 feet tall (or more) over the course of years if it receives good care indoors. I love it when folks share pictures; if you’d like to show off your Norfolk Island pine, email me at information@costafarms.com.

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Written by Justin Hancock