5 Reasons Why I Love Bromeliads

5 Reasons Why I Love Bromeliads

Bromeliads are stunning tropicals that are ideal for holiday decorating; they offer bold colors, fanciful foliage, and a tough constitution.
When you’re looking for holiday plants, bromeliads may not be the first plant you think of. Yet these stunning tropicals are ideal for holiday decorating. They offer bold colors, fanciful foliage, and a tough constitution that won’t demand too care from you during this busy time.

Here are 5 reasons why I love bromeliads.

1 Variety
Bromeliads come in a variety of shapes and bloom types so there’s plenty of choose from. One of my favorite varieties are the Guzmania types. These bromeliads have bright green, strap-like leaves that surround a bold chalice like flower stalk clad in orange, yellow, red, purple, or white flowers.

Another gorgeous choice are the Neoreglia bromeliads. These beauties are prized for their striped or mottled foliage that surrounds a cup-like center that holds water. Some Neoregelia bromeliads also have pink, red, purple, or orange foliage. Other members of the bromeliad family include Ananas (pineapple), Tillandsia (air plant), and Aechemea with its broad, gray-green striped foliage and crown-like pink flowers.

2 Easy Care
If you like artificial flowers (I know you’re out there -- admit it!), you’ll love bromeliads. That’s because these beauties maintain their waxy blooms for weeks, if not months and rarely, if ever, need much assistance from you. Just water bromeliads whenever the soil feels dry to the touch and place them in a bright location that’s protected from direct sun. That’s it!! 

3 Holiday Colors
Looking for a non-traditional plant to brighten up the holidays? You can’t go wrong with bromeliads. These beauties come in a variety of colors, but those with red blooms are especially suited for holiday decor. Try lining up a trio of red-flowering bromeliads on a mantel or staircase or line them up as an elegant runner for your holiday table. See other red holiday plants. 

4 Lifespan
Bromeliads hold their blooms for weeks and will keep your home colorful throughout the dark days of winter. Once the flowers fade, the mother plant will often die, but you may discover there are baby plants (pups) around her base. You can pot them individually and grow them to maturity and get another crop of flowers. 

5 Versatility
You don’t need a lot of space to grow bromeliads. These plants stay compact and won’t try to take over your living room. In fact, they’re ideal for apartments, dorm rooms, or mobile homes. And, because they are so colorful and compact, they are the perfect collectible. Once you’re hooked on bromeliads, you’ll want to collect a rainbow of different varieties.

Written by Doug Jimerson