DIY Holiday with Norfolk Island Pine

DIY Holiday with Norfolk Island Pine

Use the branches of this soft and supple plant in holiday decor.
Norfolk Island pine, a tropical plant that grows indoors, looks like some of the big trees from the great snowy north.

If you are in a pinch for some cut greens for a dining table centerpiece or a quick festive spray of greens on a mantle, a few stems of Norfolk Island pine can to do the trick.

Here’s why cut stems of Norfolk Island pine are a great DIY alternative when you need fresh greens for a decorating project.

It lays flat
You can place a stem under a platter of food in the center of a table. Or use it as the living green base for a natural centerpiece of pinecones, acorns, and moss. Or lay down a bed of Norfolk Island pine sprigs and sprinkle cranberries.

It has soft needles
Unlike other evergreens, Norfolk Island pine’s needles aren’t pokey or sharp. So they are ideal for using on a table where food is being served and hands could brush next to the centerpiece. No ouchies!

It doesn’t shed or drop needles
Norfolk Island pine’s small soft needles don’t drop as the stem dries. They simply curl inward, so there’s no mess when cleaning up after the event. Fresh cut stems stay fresh in water for days before the needles start to curl inward. It stays green and pliant without water for hours – which will get you through a dinner party or a birthday bash.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson