Crotons for the Holidays

Crotons for the Holidays

Crotons offer unexpected holiday decor options with a tropical twist. 
The holidays have their traditional plants. While the colorful bracts of poinsettias and the charms of ivies may be vying for attention in your holiday-decorating decor, this year why not add some unexpected touches.

Crotons offer all the color schemes of the holidays, but with a tropical twist.

Here are four ideas for using crotons this holiday.

Gift Plants
Pop a croton into a festive cloth gift bag and it makes the perfect gift. Think teacher gifts, neighborhood gift exchanges, and Secret Santas. Another reason plants are so appropriate for gifts this year? Plants make people feel better as they go into winter.

Stocking Stuffers
A colorful croton is the ideal stocking stuffer. Four- and six-inch potted plants can be easily tucked into a stocking, hung with care, then offering a flash of frilly foliage for Christmas morning.

Holiday Centerpieces
The wavy colorful leaves of ‘Mammy’ or the yellow splashed green leaves of ‘Goldstar’ make surprising centerpieces. Just drop them into colorful pots and line them up. Or tuck several varieties into a large low basket for a centerpiece that will last throughout the holidays.

Front Entryway and Porch Greeters
A festive basket of crotons is an ideal way to welcome visitors to your home. In warm climates, you can add them to your front porch decorations. Their bold colors make a big statement that neighbors can even see from the street.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson