What is Your Plant Personality?

What is Your Plant Personality?

Want to have a little fun? Answer our profile questions to reveal what plants best match your personality.
Want to have a little fun? Answer our profile questions to reveal what plants best match your personality. 

Plant Personality: Decorator
Is interior design important to you? If so, then you may want to select plants that add color and architectural flair to any setting. Plants such as fiddle leaf fig, monstera, snake plant, ZZ plant, yucca cane, and ponytail palm all provide interesting foliage that complements a wide range of interior styles. Look for larger specimens to provide instant impact.

Plant Personality: Nurturer
Do you frequently worry about the welfare of your plants? If you do, then you might be the perfect plant parent for varieties that need a little extra attention to keep them in top form. Some beautiful plants that don’t enjoy being ignored include: purple waffle plant, calathea, nerve plant, and purple passion plant.

Plant Personality: Sharer

Love to share your passion for plants with other people? In that case, you’ll surely want to grow houseplants that are super easy to share with your friends. Spider plant and strawberry begonia, for example, send out runners with “babies” on the end of each stem that you can root and give away. Other good “sharing” plants that are easy to divide or root include snake plant, pilea sharing plant, coleus, and succulents.

Plant Personality: Optimist
Does the future always look bright to you? If so, you might want to invest in some plants that share your sunny outlook. Some top picks include lucky bamboo, money tree, palm, jade plant, orchids, and peace lily. There’s no guarantee that these easy-care beauties will bring any more wealth or happiness to your life than other plants, but if you’re a true optimist, you’ll probably believe they do.

Plant Personality: Joker
Do you love to make people laugh? Then, check out our collection of plants that are sure to make your friends and family smile. They’re great for kids, too. These include Desert Gem cactus (have you ever seen a bright blue or red cactus?), air plant (it needs no soil), crested euphorbia (two plants in one), calathea, devil’s backbone, or dragon’s tongue.

Written by Doug Jimerson