Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week

Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week

For National Indoor Plant Week, we're celebrating houseplants! 
It’s National Indoor Plant Week, a time to appreciate and celebrate indoor plants. They make our lives better in many ways. Are you aware of how?

Breathe Cleaner Air
One of the best reasons to have houseplants is that they clean our air by removing harmful pollutants. Called VOCs, these substances are constantly being released into our indoor spaces by cleaning products, electronics, and other manufactured goods. According to the Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air can be much more polluted outdoor air -- especially if you’re in an energy-efficient house or office. The more energy efficient a building is, the better it is at trapping air inside. 

A variety of scientific studies that show how well plants scrub harmful, potentially cancer-causing chemicals from the air -- including this brand-new research that highlights bromeliads and dracaenas.

Have a Better Outlook
I’m even more excited about scientific research that shows houseplants improve our mental health. In particular, they can increase our cognitive abilities (including memory and concentration). That’s why I have houseplants in my home and on my desk at work. 

3 Tips for Choosing Houseplants
Don’t have a plant in your home or office? Here are three tips to get you started.

1. Pick the right plant for your conditions. It’s important to select plants that will thrive in the space you want to display them in. So note the amount of light and think about how much you’ll want to water them. Match those criteria to what’s on the plant tag for success.

2. Look for plants that work with your style. Not all houseplants are dark green, leafy mounds. There’s an amazing variety of colors and textures available. Look for easy-care, colorful Red Aglaonema; variegated nerve plants; flamboyant crotons; and super-textural ferns. 

3. Select long-time favorites. If in doubt, go with tried-and-true varieties, such as our Plants of Steel collection. In our testing, these five varieties have turned out to be the most resilient and easy to grow. 

Want to get more on houseplants? Visit our Get Growing section for tips and decorating ideas. Check out our Costa Farms and Exotic Angel Plants Facebook pages, too. 

Written by Justin Hancock