Bacopa (Sutera spp.)

Bacopa Plant Features

Fill your beds, baskets, and containers with the charming, jewel-like flowers of bacopa. This vigorous trailing annual grows only 4 to 8 inches high, but in ideal conditions will cascade up to 4 feet long. Bacopa flower colors include blue, white, and lavender. You can also use bacopa as a quick, colorful groundcover. Like other annual flowers, bacopa will die back when temperatures dip below freezing.

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Bacopa Growing Instructions

Plant bacopa in a sunny or partially sunny location that's protected from drying winds. This plant suffers in dry soil so water every day when summer temperatures soar. If  allowed to dry out, bacopa will stop blooming and it will take a week or two for it to send out a new crop of flowers. Feed bacopa with a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer at 7 to ten day intervals.

If you are growing bacopa in a moss or other type of hanging basket, soak the entire planter in a pail of water to hydrate the soil. That way you can be sure the soil is totally saturated and won't dry out too quickly.

Bacopa is not intended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water


  • Light

    Outside: Sun

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  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies


Complement your Bacopa

The upright form and boldly colored foliage of wax begonia pairs well with trailing bacopa.

Our favorite varieties

Abunda Giant White Bacopa

Abunda Giant White Bacopa

Sutera cordata 'Abunda Giant White'

Bearing lots of big white flowers, Abunda Giant White bacopa is perfect for container gardens, hanging baskets, and window boxes. It grows 8 inches tall and spreads/trails to 12 inches.