Caladium (Caladium)

Caladium Plant Features

Caladiums are a lot like snowflakes -- no two are alike! Each plant develops spectacular foliage with colorful patterns that vary from leaf to leaf. These tropical shade dwellers are a stunning choice for the darker corners of your landscape. Caladiums also make excellent container plants. Most varieties grow between 18 and 24 inches tall, but dwarf forms are also available. Because their large leaves are easily damaged by high wind, plant them in a protected location. 

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Caladium Growing Instructions

By nature, caladiums are tropical bulbs that need to be dug and stored after frost blackens their foliage in the fall. In warm, frost-free regions they can remain in the garden. Indoors, use caladiums as a cheerful houseplant. Just give it medium light and warm temperatures. Newer, more sun-tolerant caladium varieties are also available. Water caladiums whenever the surface of the soil begins to dry. They prefer moist, but not wet soil.

This plant is not intended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Outside: Part sun

    Outside: Shade

  • Colors







  • Special Features

    Colorful foliage

    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Caladium

The bright flowers of Begonia are the perfect complement to the colorful foliage of Caladium. Plus, both prefer living in the shadows.

Elephant Ear
The huge, colorful leaves of Elephant Ear make perfect partners for Caladium.

Brighten shady spots with large-leaved Hostas mixed with bright Caladiums.

Our favorite varieties

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Caladium 'Puppy Love'

Prized for its red strap-like leaves with bright green margins, ‘Puppy Love’ caladium is a many-branched variety that thrives in full sun or shade. ‘Puppy Love’ grows 12 to 18 inches tall and wide.



Caladium 'Sangria'

A great choice for full sun or shade, Sangria offers rich red foliage edged in dark green. It was a top performer in our Trial Garden and grew 24 inches tall and wide.

Scarlet Flame

Scarlet Flame

Caladium 'Scarlet Flame'

Scarlet Flame is a bold sun-loving variety that has deep reddish-pink leaves. It grows 2 feet tall and wide -- and was a standout in our Trial Gardens.

Modern Art

Modern Art

Caladium 'Modern Art'

Modern Art is a sun-tolerant variety that shows off white foliage speckled in red and edged in green. It grows 24 inches tall.



Caladium 'Carousel'

Compact and easy to grow, 'Carousel' caladium features green leaves splashed with red and accented with white veins. It grows 18 inches tall and wide. It thrives in shade or part shade.



Caladium 'Chinook'

Growing in shade or part shade, 'Chinook' is a lovely variety with pink leaves edged in green. It grows 18 inches tall and wide.



Caladium 'Debutante'

A striking caladium for shade, Debutante offers white leaves edged and veined in green, and flushed with cram. It grows 16 inches tall and wide.



Caladium 'Radiance'

Radiance caladium shows off large salmon-pink leaves splashed with light pink and edged in green. It thrives in full sun or full shade and grows 24 inches tall and wide.

Red Hot

Red Hot

Caladium 'Red Hot'

A top performer in our Florida Trial Garden, this variety (developed in Florida) has rich reddish-pink leaves and thrives in both sun or shade. It's fabulous in landscapes and container gardens -- even hanging baskets. It grows 18 inches tall and wide.