Pink Star Calathea (Calathea 'Pink Star')

Pink Star Calathea Plant Features

Pink Star Calathea is a stunning new selection our Plant Hunter found in Europe that features dark green leaves with wide, hot pink centers. Unlike other varieties that may look similar, we've found Pink Star holds is pink color much longer without fading to silvery, especially if you grow it in bright light. 

While it's big on color, Pink Star Calathea is a relatively small houseplant, only growing to about 18 inches tall and wide. Enjoy it on desks and tabletops, in plant cases, or nestled among other houseplants for best effect. 

Note: Many calathea varieties have been reclassified to the genus Goeppertia, so you may also see this plant offered as Pink Star Goeppertia.

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Pink Star Calathea Growing Instructions

While Pink Star Calathea will do a good job of tolerating low-light spots, this small houseplant truly thrives in medium to bright (but indirect) light. As a general guide, in low light there's just enough brightness to read a book or magazine throughout the day without extra lighting. In medium light, the plant will cast a soft or light shadow and in bright light, the plant will have a strong shadow. Note: The pink color looks best and lasts longest with more light.

Water your Pink Star Calathea just before or as the surface of the potting mix dries to the touch. It is sensitive to drying out and likes to be kept about as moist as a well-wrung sponge. Its beautiful leaves will develop brown, crispy edges if Pink Star Calathea does not get enough moisture. That said, it's important not to give the plant too much water. If the potting mix stays soggy or saturated for extended periods, the roots will drown and die.

Like other calathea varieties, Pink Star prefers above-average relative humidity levels. If you see the leaves develop brown, crispy edges, boost humidity levels by growing Pink Star under a cloche, in a terrarium or plant case, grouped with other plants (they release moisture through their leaves as they breathe, helping create pockets of higher humidity), or near a small humidifier.

Fertilizer You can feed Pink Star Calathea in the spring and summer seasons, if you wish, with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer. While it does not require special fertilizers, be sure the product you use is labeled for use on houseplants. Never exceed the recommended application rates on the product packaging.

No pruning is necessary except to remove any old or damaged leaves.

Note: Pink Star Calathea is an ornamental plant and not grown for human or animal consumption.
  • Water

    Constantly moist soil

  • Light

    Indoors: High light

    Indoors: Low light

    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors



  • Special Features

    Colorful foliage

    Purifies the air

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