Rock Foil (Saxifraga spp.)

Rock Foil Plant Features

Good things do come in small packages! Take rock foil for example. This low, mounding plant thrives on hard-to-plant hillsides or slopes where it's ground-hugging foliage and pretty rose flowers add color and texture. Rock foil grows only 4 to 6 inches tall, but each plant can form a wider mat of foliage. It's a good choice to tuck in between bricks in pathways or walls. Rock foil thrives in full sun or partial shade as long as its kept away from the beating sun -- this plant likes cool weather. The flowers are attractive to butterflies. Rock foil is also deer resistant. Hardy from zones 5-7.

Rock Foil Questions?
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Rock Foil Growing Instructions

Plant rock foil in a sunny or partially sunny spot with well-drained soil that doesn't retain water after a hard rain. In areas with hot summers, plant rock foil where it's cool and protected.

Rock foil is not recommended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Outside: Sun

  • Colors



  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies

    Deer/rabbit resistant


Complement your Rock Foil

The fine foliage of Armeria complements the succulent leaves of Rock Foil.

Candytuft and Rock Foil look good together tucked into a garden pathway.

Thyme makes a lovely, fragrant partner for Rock Foil