Sweet Flag (Acorus spp.)

Sweet Flag Plant Features

If you're looking for a low-growing plant to add lots of texture to your garden, yard, landscape, or container gardens. It looks like a short grass -- and many folks consider it an ornamental grass -- but it's actually in a different plant family. No matter what it's related to, sweet flag is perfect for growing along walkways, in the front of the border as an edging plant, and as a fun addition to container gardens, window boxes, and even hanging baskets. Because sweet flag doesn't mind wet feet, it's also a fun addition to ponds and other water gardens where it adds a soft, natural look. Hardy in zones 6-9.

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Sweet Flag Growing Instructions

Sweet flag grows best in sunny spots, but also tolerates partial shade well. It can struggle when grown in full shade, especially if the soil is dry. 

A lover of wet soil, give sweet flag a moist spot, such as underneath a leaky hose spigot or in a container garden that doesn't have excess drainage. 

When it's happiest, sweet flag slowly spreads to become a ground cover. 

Sweet flag is not intended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water

    Constantly moist soil

  • Light

    Outside: Part sun

    Outside: Sun

  • Colors


  • Special Features


Complement your Sweet Flag

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Our favorite varieties

Golden Sweet Flag

Golden Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'

Golden sweet flag looks like an ornamental grass with a mound of thin, grassy green-and-gold leaves. It grows about 12 inches tall and wide. Zones 5-9 as a perennial