Greg - Your Plant Care Assistant

In collaboration with Costa Farms, the Greg app offers AI-powered watering reminders and expert plant care guidance. But that's not all! Join a thriving community of plant enthusiasts who support and inspire each other. Let’s grow together!


Greg is your smart plant care assistant!

Our mission is to help you become fluent in plants by making the care experience super easy and fun.

Unsure of when to water your plant babies? We got you! We'll identify your specific plant type, tell you exactly how much to water it, and remind you when it's time.

We can't wait to grow with you!
-The Greg Team


Thriving Costa Farms community

Join the Costa Farms community of 12,000 passionate plant parents growing over 94,000 plants!

With Greg, it's all about connecting to plants - and each other - to stay reminded of just how interconnected we all are on this big, beautiful planet of ours.


Highly-personalized plant care

Trust Greg to develop a custom watering plan based on each plant's species, size, plus the details of your microclimate.

Zero-guesswork watering & reminders

Discover exactly how much each of your plants is thirsty for, and get a reminder when it's time to water them.


Community troubleshooting

Turn to experienced growers for answers to any plant questions you have, and get an answer in minutes.

Connect with a global community ready to answer questions, nerd out on all things plants, and offer big-time garden inspo.

Over 5 Million healthy, happy plants
Join 1 Million happy plant parents

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