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Clematis spp.

Clematis Plant Features

A must-have plant for every backyard, clematis is an easy-care perennial vine that covers itself with big, bold blooms in the spring and summer (there are a few fall bloomers, too). These gorgeous beauties come in a wide range of colors including purple, blue, pink, white, red, and bi-color. Most clematis develop large single flowers, but there are also varieties with double or bell-shaped blossoms. Because clematis vines can grow 12 feet tall, be sure to plant it near a trellis, arbor, or mailbox. Clematis is also a good option if you need something colorful to camouflage an ugly fence or building. The showy flowers are also attractive to butterflies. Hardy from zones 4-9.

Clematis Questions?
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Clematis Growing Instructions

Clematis prefer to grow in a sunny location where their roots are shaded. One of the best ways to shade the roots is to mulch the plants and place other perennials near the base of the vine. Clematis likes a rich, well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Add extra organic matter at planting time.

Clematis is not intended for human or animal consumption.

Special Care

Some clematis bloom on new wood and some on old. So, the best time to prune is in early summer after you determine which stems from the previous season are going to bloom or not. Dead wood can be clipped away at this time, too.

  • Light

    Outside: Sun

  • Colors

    Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White

  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies
    Fragrant flowers/foliage

Complement your Clematis with these varieties:
Peonies make great companions for clematis. They bloom around the same time and the peonies will help shade the clematis roots.

Lily, Asiatic
Lilies and clematis bloom at the same time and make a memorable combination.

Rose, Knock Out
Perk up your spring and summer border by combining Knock Out roses with clematis.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Clematis 'Abilene' Abilene

Clematis 'Abilene'

Abilene clematis is a dwarf variety that shows off large pink flowers from late spring to early autumn. It climbs 4 feet tall, making Abilene perfect for planters on deck and patio railings. Zones 5-9

Clematis 'Alita' Alita

Clematis 'Alita'

Alita clematis is a flower powerhouse, showing off a profusion of red blooms in late spring and all summer. It climbs to 6 feet. Zones 4-9

Clematis 'Angelique' Angelique

Clematis 'Angelique'

Angelique clematis is a compact variety that climbs to about 6 feet and bears soft lilac-blue flowers in summer. Zones 4-8

Clematis  Bernadine Bernadine

Clematis Bernadine

A delightfully easy-to-grow variety, Bernadine is a dwarf vine (climbing to 4 feet) that produces silvery-lilac flowers from late spring to late summer or early autumn. It's perfect for garden beds or borders, as well as container gardens and hanging baskets! Zones 4-9

Clematis 'Blue Light' Blue Light

Clematis 'Blue Light'

Blue Light is a stunning double-flowering clematis that shows off large blooms in late spring and summer. It climbs 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Bonanza' Bonanza

Clematis 'Bonanza'

Bonanza shows off big, lavender-blue flowers from midsummer to early autumn on a vigorous vine that can climb to 10 feet or so. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Bourbon' Bourbon

Clematis 'Bourbon'

Bourbon is a favorite for its long bloom season; it starts in late spring and can continue producing beautiful reddish-purple blooms all the way through early autumn. It climbs about 6 feet. Zones 4-9

Clematis Cezanne Cezanne

Clematis Cezanne

Attractive and compact, Cezanne climbs to only 4 feet or so! It shows off an abundance of lavender-blue flowers from late spring to the end of summer. Zones 4-9

Clematis 'Cherokee' Cherokee

Clematis 'Cherokee'

Cherokee is a great variety if you want a small plant with lots of flowers. only climbs about 4 feet and blooms from spring on and off through the end of summer with creamy-pink flowers marked with deeper-pink stripes. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Chevalier' Chevalier

Clematis 'Chevalier'

Chevalier clematis produces a mix of single and semi-double flowers. The blooms are a rich violet-blue color and appear all summer long. It climbs to 6 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Climador' Climador

Clematis 'Climador'

Also called 'Konigskind', Climador clematis offers big flowers in a lovely shade of lavender-blue in late spring and summer. It climbs 5 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Dr Ruppell' Dr Ruppell

Clematis 'Dr Ruppell'

Blooming in both spring and fall, ‘Dr. Ruppell’ clematis sports beautiful striped petals in shades of orchid and rose. The plant grows 6 to 10 feet tall and works well in large containers. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' Duchess of Edinburgh

Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh'

Large, double, pure-white flowers appear in spring and fall on ‘Dutchess of Edinburgh’ clematis. This vine is so bright you can even see it at night. Plant it by itself or with other clematis varieties. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Empress' Empress

Clematis 'Empress'

Empress clematis is among the most stunning varieties we grow. It shows off double and semi-double flowers that are soft pink with deep pink centers in summer and early autumn. Empress climbs 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Eric Ruth' Eric Ruth

Clematis 'Eric Ruth'

Eric Ruth clematis shows off a mix of single and double flowers in a delightful shade of creamy white. It blooms in spring and again in autumn and climbs 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis Fleuri Fleuri

Clematis Fleuri

Fleuri clematis shows off rich purple-blue flowers all summer long. Its compact nature makes it perfect for small trellises, growing in shrubs, or even containers. It climbs to 4 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Franziska Maria' Franziska Maria

Clematis 'Franziska Maria'

Franziska Maria clematis is a long-blooming variety that starts in early summer and continues through fall. It shows off double violet-blue flowers and climbs to 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis Galore Galore

Clematis Galore

This easy-growing, disease-resistant variety climbs to 10 feet and shows off wonderful dark purple flowers all summer and into autumn.

Clematis 'Guiding Promise' Guiding Promise

Clematis 'Guiding Promise'

Guiding Promise clematis is a dwarf selection that shows off an abundance of violet-blue flowers in summer. It grows only 4 feet tall. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid' Hagley Hybrid

Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'

The shell-pink flowers of ‘Hagley Hybrid’ clematis look stunning draped over an arbor or trellis. Growing just 6 to 8 feet tall, ‘Hagley Hybrid' works well in containers or small gardens. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Huvi' Huvi

Clematis 'Huvi'

Blooming in mid- and late summer, Huvi clematis shows off big, 6-inch-wide red-pink flowers. It climbs 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Hyde Hall' Hyde Hall

Clematis 'Hyde Hall'

Hyde Hall clematis is an especially floriferous variety that shows off big, pure white flowers in early and late summer. It climbs to 6 feet. Zones 4-9

Clematis 'Ilka' Ilka

Clematis 'Ilka'

Ilka clematis offers silvery lilac-blue flowers in late spring and summer. It's delightfully vigorous and floriferous, climbing 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Jackmanii' Jackmanii

Clematis 'Jackmanii'

When you think of clematis, 'Jackmanii’ is probably the one that comes to mind. This classic clematis has been wowing gardeners since the 1800s with its large, purple-blue blooms. Zones 3-8

Clematis 'Josephine' Josephine

Clematis 'Josephine'

Bold and dramatic, Josephine shows off double flowers early in the season and single flowers later. The large blooms are a delightful shade of soft pink. It climbs to 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Marie Louise Jensen' Marie Louise Jensen

Clematis 'Marie Louise Jensen'

Loved for its long bloom season -- late spring to mid-autumn, Marie Louise Jensen features purple flowers accented with a reddish-purple band up the center of each petal. It grows 8 feet tall. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Marta' Marta

Clematis 'Marta'

Marta clematis is a newer variety loved for its long flowering season and bright pink flowers. It climbs to 6 feet. Zones 5-8

Clematis 'Mrs. N. Thompson' Mrs. N. Thompson

Clematis 'Mrs. N. Thompson'

Mrs. N. Thompson is an eye-catching bicolor variety that has violet-purple flowers with red-purple bars running up the petals. It blooms in early and late summer and climbs 8 feet tall. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Multi Blue' Multi Blue

Clematis 'Multi Blue'

Multi Blue clematis offers large, double flowers in a rich lavender-blue color. It blooms in early summer and again in early autumn and climbs to 10 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Neva' Neva

Clematis 'Neva'

Neva clematis is ideal if you want lots of color in a small space! It climbs only 4 feet tall and blooms profusely in spring and early summer. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Perrins Pride' Perrins Pride

Clematis 'Perrins Pride'

Perrins Pride shows off big, 6-inch-wide rich-purple flowers from early summer to early autumn. It climbs to 10 feet or more. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Petite Faucon' Petite Faucon

Clematis 'Petite Faucon'

Petite Faucon is a clematis that doesn't climb! This upright variety blooms from late spring to summer with purple-blue flowers. It grows 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Zones 4-9

Clematis 'Picardy' Picardy

Clematis 'Picardy'

This small clematis (it grows only 4 feet tall) produces a lot of violet-purple blooms over the season! Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Pink Champagne' Pink Champagne

Clematis 'Pink Champagne'

Clematis ‘Pink Champagne’ is truly a variety to celebrate. This vigorous vine develops masses of deep pink flowers boldly brushed with mauve stripes. It blooms in spring and late summer. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Rebecca' Rebecca

Clematis 'Rebecca'

A medium-size variety, Rebecca is a vine that shows off rich red flowers on a vine that climbs to 6 feet. It blooms from early summer to fall. Zones 4-9

Clematis Regal Empress Regal Empress

Clematis Regal Empress

Regal Empress clematis is a stunning double variety bearing pink flowers banded with a darker pink stripe down the center. It climbs to 8 feet. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal' Rouge Cardinal

Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal'

Prized for its large, bright red flowers, ‘Rouge Cardinal’ clematis looks absolutely stunning trained over a fence or arbor. The plants bloom from June through September. Zones 4-8

Clematis 'Ville de Lyon' Ville de Lyon

Clematis 'Ville de Lyon'

A prolific bloomer, ‘Ville de Lyon’ clematis develops wave after wave of large purplish-red blooms with a central pink bar. The petal centers fade to mauve as they age. Zones 4-8