Armeria (Armeria spp.)

Armeria Plant Features

Seaside gardeners rejoice! Here's a rugged little perennial that isn't bothered by salt spray or high winds. Armeria, also called thrift, evolved in maritime regions of the northern hemisphere so it can take the worst Mother nature throws its way. Growing only 6 to 10 inches tall, armeria makes an excellent rock garden plant or ground cover to edge a path. In the spring, the plants shoot up pretty pink or white balls of bloom. Armeria's dark green grass-like foliage always looks terrific. Hardy from zones 4-8

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Armeria Growing Instructions

Plant armeria in a sunny location with dry, rocky, well-drained soil. These relatively slow-growing perennials do not like wet feet and will rot from the center if they are forced to grow in wet soil. Armeria is not a heavy feeder so don't be tempted to fertilize them. They prefer to grow in poor soil. To encourage a second flush of bloom, remove the old flower heads as they fade.

This plant is not intended for human or animal consumption.
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    Low water needs

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    Outside: Sun

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Complement your Armeria

The creeping habit and white blooms of iberis work well planted near armeria.

Hens and Chicks
Low growing and hardy, sempervivums look wonderful teamed with armeria in a rock garden or on a slope.