Cyclamen (Cyclamen spp.)

Cyclamen Plant Features

Often grown as a houseplant, cyclamen also makes a wonderful bedding plant outdoors in cool, mild locations. Cyclamen grow just 10 to 16 inches tall, but they will make a big impact in your garden. Each plant sports a pretty crown of rose, pink, purple, or white flowers.  Cyclamen are simply smashing planted en masse in a woodland setting or mingled with other early blooming plants in pots and planters. During the summer, cyclamen go dormant, but pop back up when the weather cools again. Hardy from zones 7-10.

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Cyclamen Growing Instructions

Cyclamen will grow in sun or partial shade, but they last longer planted in a protected location that remains cool and moist. Never plant cyclamen where the hot afternoon sun will beat down on them. Cyclamen enjoy a low-nitrogen fertilizer applied every few weeks when they are in bloom. Be sure to mark their place in the garden so you don't accidentally dig them up when dormant.

Cyclamen is not intended for human or animal consumption.
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Complement your Cyclamen

English Daisy
The perky blooms of English daisy are a fun partner to Cyclamen. Plus, both plants like cool, moist weather.

The mottled foliage of Lamium will mirror the pretty Cyclamen leaves. Plus, both like to keep cool.

Interplant Cyclamen with Ajuga and when the Cyclamen go dormant the Ajuga will keep the ground from looking bare.