Geo (Geogenanthus ciliatus)

Geo Plant Features

Geogenanthus ciliatus, aka Geo, is a relatively new houseplant for North American plant parents, having previously only been available to plant collectors. Distinctive and elegant, it features large and shiny purple-black leaves that stand out from other houseplants. 

When young, it's a striking selection for tabletops large terrariums. As it matures, the leaves can grow 8 inches long or more, creating quite a show! 

Native to tropical rainforests of South America, Geo is in the spiderwort family (Commelinaceae) and related to inch plants (Tradescantia), teddy bear vine (Cyanotis), and oyster plant (Rhoeo).

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Geo Growing Instructions


Geo prefers medium to bright, but indirect light. Its fabulous purple foliage may experience burn if it's grown in direct sunlight. Like most houseplants, Geo thrives in both natural and artificial lighting conditions. 


Geo likes soil on the moist side (but not wet or soggy). To keep your plant happy, check the potting mix every week or so to make sure it’s moist. Don’t allow Geo to dry out. Keep in mind that the frequency of watering changes throughout the year and depends on the size of the pot your plant grows in as well as the temperature of the indoor environment.

Like peace lily (Spathiphyllum), Geo will wilt dramatically if it starts to get too dry, but it bounces back quickly after being watered again. 


Geo tolerates the relative humidity levels found in the average home. It prefers above-average humidity, though, so boosting the amount of moisture in the air can be helpful in arid climates or dry conditions (such as homes where a furnace or air conditioner are running a lot). 


Geo isn't a particularly hungry plant -- you can fertilize as little as once or twice a year if you'd like. Or push more growth by fertilizing more often. Look for a fertilizer designed for use on indoor plants and never exceed the instructions on the fertilizer package. Too much fertilizer can cause a buildup of salts in the soil that burns roots, causing them to die. 


Geo grows in a low mounded form in a pot, just as it does on the floor of the jungle where it is originally from. The plant doesn’t require pruning unless you want to remove a leaf or two to create a more pleasing visual effect. Clip off any dead or yellowing leaves.

This variety is grown for ornamental use and is not intended for human or animal consumption. We advise keeping it out of reach from children or pets that may nibble.

  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Indoors: High light

    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors


  • Special Features


    Purifies the air

Complement your Geo

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Go for a dark, mysterious look by growing Geo with the purple-black foliage of Raven® ZZ. While they look good growing next to each other, Geo requires significantly more water than Raven®.

Cane Begonia
Contrast Geo's foliage with a white- or silver-variegated Cane Begonia.