Lobelia, Annual (Lobelia erinus)

Lobelia, Annual Plant Features

Add some sparkle to pots, planters, and window boxes with annual lobelia. This non-stop bloomer produces masses of charming blue, pink, white, violet, or bi-colored flowers from spring till fall. Some annual lobelia varieties have a more trailing habit than others. Use them to cascade over the edge of containers or hanging baskets. Slightly more upright forms of annual lobelia make excellent filler plants mixed with other summer bloomers. Annual lobelia attracts butterflies and is relatively deer resistant. 

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Lobelia, Annual Growing Instructions

Plant annual lobelia in a sunny or partially sunny location. Although you can use annual lobelia to edge beds and borders, it really excels as a container plant. As a general rule, annual lobelia does not like hot weather so if you live where summers steam up, move the plants to a partially shady location away from the beating sun. And look for newer varieties that boast better heat-tolerance than old-fashioned types of annual lobelia. Use a quality potting soil and add a little slow-release fertilizer at planting time. Water whenever the soil starts to feel dry. Annual lobelia does not like to dry out.

Annual lobelia is not recommended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water


  • Light

    Outside: Part sun

    Outside: Shade

  • Colors





  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies

    Deer/rabbit resistant

Complement your Lobelia, Annual

Angelonia adds height and color to a planter packed with Annual Lobelia.

Asparagus Fern
The frilly, bright green foliage of Asparagus Fern looks amazing interplanted with Annual Lobelia.

Dusty Miller
Dusty Miller mixed with Annual Lobelia creates a pretty combination in a pot or planter.

Our favorite varieties

Hot Water Blue Lobelia

Hot Water Blue Lobelia

Lobelia erinus ‘Hot Water Blue’

A beautiful sky-blue, trailing annual lobelia, ‘Hot Water Blue’ is bred to take the heat, surviving sultry summers with masses of blooms. Plants grow 8 to 12 inches tall in full sun to partial shade.

Bella Aqua Lobelia

Bella Aqua Lobelia

Lobelia erinus ‘Bella Aqua’

Bella Aqua is a newer variety that shows good heat tolerance, a mounding shape, and lots of brilliant blue flowers all spring, summer, and fall. It grows 12 inches tall and wide.

Bella Cielo Lobelia

Bella Cielo Lobelia

Lobelia erinus 'Bella Cielo'

Bella Cielo is a newer variety that shows off soft, sky blue flowers and has good heat tolerance, so it blooms in spring, summer, and autumn. It grows about 10 inches tall and wide.

Hot Snow White

Hot Snow White

Lobelia erinus 'Hot Snow White'

Bearing pure-white flowers, Lobelia Hot Snow White was a top performer in our Trial Garden. It grows 10 inches tall and wide and displays better heat resistance than many other varieties.

Techno Heat Upright Light Blue

Techno Heat Upright Light Blue

Lobelia erinus 'Techno Heat Upright Light Blue'

This variety, as its name suggests, has great heat tolerance and a more upright form than older selections. It offers soft, light blue flowers all spring and summer. It grows 10 inches tall and 16 inches wide.