Oyster Plant (Rhoeo spathacea)

Oyster Plant Plant Features

Oyster plant, also sometimes called Moses-in-the-cradle, is an exceptionally easy-to-grow plant that's popular indoors and out. As a houseplant, it's loved for its no-fuss nature. Oyster plant is one of the houseplants that basically just needs regular water to look fantastic. Because it's a relatively low plant, oyster plant is perfect for desks, tabletops, and other surfaces; it's a fun addition to kitchens, bedrooms, and dens.

Outdoors, oyster plant is a perennial in frost-free Zone 10 and an annual farther North. It looks great mixed with other annuals and perennials in garden beds and borders, as well as container gardens where it adds fun texture. 

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Oyster Plant Growing Instructions

As a houseplant, grow oyster plant in medium to bright light. Water it regularly -- once a week or two, depending on conditions. If you want to fertilize your oyster plant, you can do so in spring and summer with a regular houseplant fertilizer. Oyster plant doesn't typically need any special pruning except to remove leaves as they fade to old age. 

Outdoors in garden beds, borders, and containers, grow oyster plant in shade or part shade. It's an excellent companion for begonias, New Guinea impatiens, and other shade lovers. It's quite drought tolerant, so outdoors, you can practically plant it and forget it!

Oyster plant is not intended for human or animal consumption. 
  • Water

    Low water needs

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Indoors: High light

    Indoors: Medium light

    Outside: Part sun

    Outside: Shade

  • Colors



  • Special Features

    Colorful foliage

    Deer/rabbit resistant

    Purifies the air

    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Oyster Plant

Dracaena and oyster plant like similar conditions and have similar textures, making them good to grow together.

Impatiens, New Guinea
Pink, lavender, and white varieties of New Guinea impatiens are fun accents to oyster plant in outdoor containers and shaded landscapes.

Grow oyster plant at the base of banana for an extra shot of color and tropical texture.

Our favorite varieties

Golden Oyster Plant

Golden Oyster Plant

Rhoeo spathacea Gold

Golden oyster plant shows off strappy green leaves striped on gold, often tinged in pink. It grows 12 inches tall and wide.

Tricolor Oyster Plant

Tricolor Oyster Plant

Rhoeo spathacea 'Tricolor'

Tricolor oyster plant is a decorative houseplant, sometimes used as an annual, with green leaves striped with cream and pink. It grows 12 inches tall and wide.