Vinca, Perennial (Vinca minor)

Vinca, Perennial Plant Features

Vinca, sometimes also called periwinkle, is a tough evergreen ground cover with shiny, leathery leaves that look good all year long. In early spring the foliage is accented by a show of five-petal flowers that can be blue, purple, or white, depending on variety (some varieties may also show off attractively variegated foliage). Perennial vinca is a ground hugger that grows just 6 to 8 inches tall so use it to carpet wooded locations or slopes. It's also a great companion for spring-blooming bulbs and perennials. And best of all, vinca is rabbit and deer resistant. Hardy from zones 4-8.

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Vinca, Perennial Growing Instructions

Plant vinca in a shady or partially shady location (the plants will also grow in the sun, but won't thrive if they are in a spot that gets baked by summer heat). Even though vinca is extremely drought tolerant, the plant still prefers a slightly moist, well-drained soil. 

Perennial vinca is not recommended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Outside: Part sun

    Outside: Shade

  • Colors





  • Special Features

    Colorful foliage

    Deer/rabbit resistant


    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Vinca, Perennial

The feathery foliage and flowers of Astilbe provides textural contrast to the creeping, leathery leaves of Perennial Astilbe.

Plant Perennial Vinca in your shade garden and let it ramble around taller perennials like Hosta.

The early flowers of Hellebore contrast nicely with the evergreen foliage and spring bloom of Perennial Vinca.

Our favorite varieties

Illumination Vinca

Illumination Vinca

Vinca minor 'Illumination'

Pave your garden with the gold and green leaves of ‘Illumination’ perennial vinca. This vigorous perennial grows 3 to 6 inches tall and quickly spreads to form a thick carpet in sunny or partially sunny locations. The plant produces bright blue, star-like flowers in spring. ‘Illumination’ is evergreen, making it an ideal choice for your landscape. You can also use this colorful trailer in pots, planters, and window boxes.

Moonlit Vinca

Moonlit Vinca

Vinca minor 'Moonlit'

A breakthrough in vincas, ‘Moonlit’ has double blue, spring flowers that are held above the plant’s pretty green-and-yellow variegated foliage. ‘Moonlight’ grows 4 to 6 inches tall and spreads 1 to 2 feet wide, making it a colorful and reliable groundcover for sunny or partially sunny locations. Or, use it in containers and let its foliage drip over the edge of pots and planters.

Bowles' Variety Vinca

Bowles' Variety Vinca

Vinca minor 'Bowles' Variety'

A quick-growing variety, Bowles' shows off dark-green leaves and lavender-blue flowers in early spring, with a bit of rebloom in summer and early fall. It grows 4 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Zones 4-8