White Aspen Dracaena (Dracaena fragrans White Aspen)

White Aspen Dracaena Plant Features

Our Plant Hunter was delighted to find White Aspen Dracaena, a first-of-its-kind variety of Dracaena fragrans that features green leaves broadly edged in creamy white. And we're not the only ones who are excited about this easy-care houseplant. It won an award for best new foliage plant at TPIE, the leading tradeshow for the tropical plant industry! 

Beautiful and low-maintenance, White Aspen Dracaena is a relatively slow-growing species that features strappy variegated leaves that radiate out from a central stem. Over time, the stem grows into a trunk, and this houseplant (like its close relative, Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana') can reach 6 feet tall! 

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White Aspen Dracaena Growing Instructions

Light Needs
For best (and fastest!) growth, give your White Aspen Dracaena a medium to bright spot. That means your plant should have a good shadow much of the day where it’s situated. Being within 3 feet of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window is ideal in many homes. It doesn’t require sunlight to thrive, though --- you grow this variegated houseplant under plant lights, or next to a window and augment it with plant lights.
Note: White Aspen Dracaena will tolerate low light conditions, but will not be as happy.

Water Needs
Water this easy-care houseplant as the top couple of inches of the potting mix dries to the touch. Take care not to give it too much water. If White Aspen Dracaena stays too wet, the roots will suffocate and die, causing root rot. If you’re not sure whether your White Knight Philodendron needs watering or not, it’s typically best to wait. The plant holds up better to being too dry rather than too wet.
Note: Like other varieties of Dracaena, White Aspen is sensitive to too much fluoride in the water. If your municipality has higher fluoride levels than it likes (which can cause browning of the foliage), add rainwater, bottled water, or distilled water to the container you water your plant. This will effectively dilute the fluoride.

Humidity Needs
White Aspen Dracaena likes average to above-average relative humidity levels in your home or office. In especially dry air, the leaves may develop brown leaf tips or edges. If you’re afraid the air is too dry for this houseplant, try augmenting humidity levels. One way to do this is to grow it clustered near other houseplants (plants release humidity into the air as they grow, so you can create a little humid zone). Or place it near a small humidifier.

Fertilizer Needs
You can fertilize your White Aspen Dracaena regularly if you want it to grow faster into a tree. Alternatively, feed it as little as once or twice a year if you want to keep it happy but don't care if it grows fast. In most conditions, spring and summer are the best times to fertilize as the days are longer so there’s more light to fuel growth. You can use any general-purpose houseplant fertilizer, just be sure not to exceed the recommended application rates on the product packaging. Too much fertilizer can burn the roots and may possibly kill the plant.

Pruning Needs
Because White Aspen Dracaena doesn't require pruning except to remove any old or damaged leaves.

Note: This plant may have some natural degree of toxicity and may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. Additionally, exposure to the sap of this plant may cause discomfort to individuals with a sensitivity to it upon contact. Grown for ornamental purposes and not intended for human or animal consumption.
  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Indoors: High light

    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors


  • Special Features

    Colorful foliage

    Purifies the air

    Super-easy to grow

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