Dracaena White Aspen


Corn plant (Dracaena fragrans) is a classic houseplant loved for its bold texture and easy-care nature. White Aspen is a fresh new variety that sports variegated foliage. Each green leaf is boldly decorated with creamy white edges. This floor plant can grow 6 feet tall or more over time. It is grown and shipped fresh from our farm direct to your front door.

  • Trendy variegated foliage looks great against other houseplants.
  • Ideal for brightening any room of your home or office.
  • Slow growing and easy to care for.

Light Level: Indirect Sunlight

This plant needs to live in a room with at least some natural light. Place it on a table or countertop with windows nearby.

Water Level: Thirsty

This plant can only go 1-2 weeks without water so check on it weekly and add water every time the top two inches of soil dry out.

Quick Tips

Keep it away from hot or cold drafts (like heating or air-conditioning vents), which can cause the leaf edges to turn brown and dry.

Size Guide
dracaena white aspen plant in  white textured pot sitting on a wood and iron shelf in someones home

Plant Bio

Dracaena fragrans ‘White Aspen’

Named best new foliage plant at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition in 2019, propagation challenges delayed the release of this plant until now. Our Plant Hunter was excited to find this variety because its dramatic variegation stands out from other Dracaena varieties. It’s delightfully tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions but does best in medium to bright indirect light (within 3 feet of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window is often ideal), average household temperatures, average household relative humidity levels, and watering as the top couple of inches of the potting mix dry to the touch. It can tolerate drought, but if it gets too dry, it may develop unsightly brown leaf tips or edges. 

dracaena white aspen plant in  white textured pot sitting on a wood and iron shelf in someones home

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