Wishbone Flower (Torenia spp.)

Wishbone Flower Plant Features

Wishbone flower is a versatile annual flower that flowers nonstop from spring through fall and grows well in both sun and shade. It's loved for its easy-to-grow nature and charming blooms that appear in a wide range of colors. You can enjoy wishbone flower in garden beds and borders, as well as containers. Upright bushy types are beautiful on their own or to accent bigger, bolder plants such as coleus. Or look at trailing varieties for hanging baskets and to spill over the sides of container gardens. Note: Wishbone flower is also called torenia.

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Wishbone Flower Growing Instructions

Wishbone flower flowers best in full sun, but tolerates part shade and shade well. Though it doesn't mind a variety of light situations, the plant isn't particularly drought tolerant, so be sure to water it regularly during hot, dry spells to keep it blooming well. A layer of mulch over the soil can help the ground conserve moisture, especially during hot, dry weather. Fertilize wishbone flower consistently through spring and summer to keep it blooming profusely (or use a slow-release fertilizer when you plant it; slow-release fertilizers provide nutrients throughout the growing season).

Wishbone flower doesn't require deadheading or pruning -- though you can give it a quick haircut at any time if you'd like. 

Wishbone flower is not intended for human or animal consumption. 
  • Water

    Medium water needs

  • Light

    Outside: Part sun

    Outside: Shade

    Outside: Sun

  • Colors






  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies

    Attracts hummingbirds

Complement your Wishbone Flower

Colorful coleus is a perfect partner for wishbone flower in sun or shade.

Irish Moss
Punctuate wishbone flower with a colorful groundcover of Irish moss.

Impatiens, Old-Fashioned
Wishbone flower is fun to grow with (or instead of) old-fashioned impatiens.

Our favorite varieties

Summer Wave Amethyst Wishbone Flower

Summer Wave Amethyst Wishbone Flower

Torenia 'Summer Wave Amethyst'

Summer Wave Amethyst is a lovely variety that's gorgeous in hanging baskets, window boxes, or as a groundcover. It offers tons of purple flowers, growing about 8 inches tall and spreading 36 inches across.

Summer Wave Bouquet Deep Rose Wishbone Flower

Summer Wave Bouquet Deep Rose Wishbone Flower

Torenia 'Summer Wave Bouquet Deep Rose'

Excellent in sun or shade, Summer Wave Deep Rose wishbone floewrs thrives in beds, borders, and containers. It produces a nonstop supply of rose-pink flowers until frost. It grows 8 inches tall and 24 inches wide.