Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a longtime popular houseplant that has low-water needs and produces a gel in its leaves that’s often used in skin-care products. It’s relatively slow growing, but with good care and over time can reach 12 inches tall or more with large textural leaves. Our Aloe vera plants are grown and shipped fresh from our farm in Miami direct to your front door.

  • Enjoy it with other succulents or paired with your favorite houseplants in bright conditions.
  • With good care, Aloe vera can live indoors for years.
  • Excellent gift as a thank you, for a housewarming, or other event.

Light Level: Direct Sunlight

This plant loves direct sunlight. Place it by a window or on a porch that gets direct, natural light for at least a portion of the day.

Water Level: Not Thirsty

This plant can go several weeks without water. Only water it when the soil dries out completely and be careful not to over-water.

Quick Tips

Take care not to overwater this succulent. Aloe vera prefers to be too dry than too wet.

AI Assistant

Grow your indoor oasis with confidence! Costa Farms plants come with 3 months of free AI plant care. You'll receive ongoing Aloe Vera | small care, plant health tips, and help from a community of other customers that will ensure your new plant thrives in ¡ts new home.

You'll also have access to our team of experts for ongoing plant care support. Even beginners can master plant parenthood with Costa Farms.

Size Guide
an aloe vera plant in a white textured and scallped pot set on a modern iron and wood shelf against a deep beige wall

Plant Bio

Aloe barbadensis

Also known as Aloe vera, this plant is native to areas of the Middle East and has been medicinally used for thousands of years. Despite the plant’s long history, there’s little scientific evidence to back up many of the claims made about it, so we consider it an ornamental plant here at Costa Farms. Like most succulents, it requires bright light to thrive, though it isn’t fussy if the light comes from the sun, plant lights, or a mix of both. Aloe vera has low water needs, making it a popular choice for first-time plant owners.

Note: This plant may have some natural degree of toxicity and may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. Additionally, exposure to the sap of this plant may cause discomfort to individuals with a sensitivity to it upon contact. Grown for ornamental purposes and not intended for human or animal consumption.

an aloe vera plant in a white textured and scallped pot set on a modern iron and wood shelf against a deep beige wall

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