Crested Cactus


Looking for an easy-care plant with major personality? Say hello to Crested Cactus (Pachycereus marginatus f. cristata), a cactus that's far from ordinary. Imagine emerald green waves cascading down its form, creating a living sculpture unlike any other. This textured beauty is sure to spark curiosity and conversation in your home, adding a pop of drama alongside your existing plant family.

But don't worry, despite its striking looks, this crested cactus is a plant parent's dream. It's a slow grower and forgives neglect. Plus, it's naturally resistant to pests and diseases, making it perfect for even the most forgetful plant enthusiast.

Breathe easy: Your beautiful new Cactus will ship fresh from our fourth-generation, family farm directly to your door (shipping included!), complete with a cozy heat pack if needed. We're here to help you thrive together! ‍

  • Unique and show-stopping: This cactus is a living sculpture, guaranteed to spark conversations and add a touch of whimsy and nature to your home
  • Easy care: Perfect for forgetful plant parents (we've all been there!) and experienced plant owners looking for a hard-to-find beauty
  • Over time, can grow more than 6 feet tall

Light Level: Direct Sunlight

This plant loves direct sunlight. Place it by a window or on a porch that gets direct, natural light for at least a portion of the day.

Water Level: Not Thirsty

This plant can go several weeks without water. Only water it when the soil dries out completely and be careful not to over-water.

Quick Tips

It grows best indoors with lots and lots of light. It thrives both with natural sunlight inside, plant lights, or a combination of both.

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Size Guide
Crested Cactus | teacup

Plant Bio

Pachycereus marginatus f. cristata

Crested Cactus is a mutation of Mexican Fencepost Cactus, which is native to areas of Mexico and the Southeastern United States. It’s been reclassified a number of times, so you may also see it called Lemaireocereus marginatus f. cristata, Stenocereus marginatus f. cristata, or Marginatocereus marginatus f. cristata.

No matter what name you call it, this Crested Cactus wants lots and lots of light indoors. Keep it within 2 to 3 feet of an unobstructed south-, west-, or east-facing window for best results. If you don’t have a bright window, plant lights will do just fine.

It also has low water needs and can tolerate drought. Water just before the potting mix dries out. If you’re not sure if it needs water, one way to check is to insert a wood toothpick in the drainage hole in the pot. Leave it in place for a minute or two, then pull it out. If the toothpick comes out clean, it’s probably time to water. If the toothpick comes out with potting mix adhering to it, then you can probably hold off watering.

Note: This plant may have some natural degree of toxicity and may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. Additionally, exposure to the sap of this plant may cause discomfort to individuals with a sensitivity to it upon contact. Grown for ornamental purposes and not intended for human or animal consumption.

Crested Cactus | teacup

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