Golden Pothos


Perhaps the most versatile indoor plant around, you can grow Golden Pothos in practically any room of your home. Let it climb, trail, or grow horizontally and enjoy its lush, leafy beauty (and air purification powers). It is grown and shipped fresh from our farm direct to your front door.

  • Lush, variegated leaves look good all year long.
  • Can climb/trail more than 5 feet over time if not pruned.
  • Excellent for homes and offices.

Light Level: Indirect Sunlight

This plant needs to live in a room with at least some natural light. Place it on a table or countertop with windows nearby.

Water Level: Thirsty

This plant can only go 1-2 weeks without water so check on it weekly and add water every time the top two inches of soil dry out.

Quick Tips

Golden Pothos will develop larger, more dramatic leaves if you let it climb and grow it in a bright spot.

Size Guide
Golden Pothos | small

Plant Bio

Epipremnum aureum

One of the most common houseplants around, Golden Pothos is an excellent choice for first-time plant owners thanks to its lush look and tolerance to a wide variety of growing conditions. It’s native to tropical islands of the South Pacific, but has spread to subtropical areas, where in many of which it has become an invasive species. Golden pothos is an aroid, and as such, closely related to Philodendron, Monstera, Rhaphidophora, Spathiphyllum, and other species.

Golden Pothos | small

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