Wick and Grow

Wick & Grow®

Wick & Grow® is a self-watering system for houseplants that means your plants will never be under- or overwatered. It’s been specially developed and tested to deliver exactly how much your plant needs when it needs it—resulting in a happy, healthy, beautiful plant!

Let the Wick do the Work

The Wick & Grow® self-watering system is based on a specially designed Waterwick® (it looks like a string) that works like a straw for your plant. As your plant roots drink water from the potting soil, the Waterwick® draws that same amount of moisture up from a water reservoir below the pot.

The Components

  1. The decorative pot with a reservoir that holds all the water for the plant to drink.
  2. The Waterwick® that connects the water to the soil. It snaps into one of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.
  3. Your plant. Because the plant drinks as much as it wants, when it wants, the Wick & Grow® system works for practically every species. Enjoy it with thirsty varieties like Geo and Peace Lily or drought-tolerant species like Snake Plant and ZZ Plant.

Wick & Grow® delivers the exact amount of water to the
plant when it needs it. It's perfect for beginners, if you have a busy schedule or travel a lot, or just want to make taking care of your plants extra easy.

No stress, no drama. Just a happy plant.