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Blanket Flower


Blanket Flower Plant Features

Native to the American prairies, gaillardia, commonly called blanket flower, is a tough, drought-resistant, sun-loving perennial that's super easy to grow. Blanket flower's festive, solid or patterned flowers in red, orange, or yellow appear throughout the summer and will attract scores of colorful butterflies to your garden. The flowers appear on sturdy stems held high above the plant's foliage. Most varieties of blanket flower grow 18 to 22 inches tall. Hardy from zones 5-9.

Blanket Flower Questions?
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Blanket Flower Growing Instructions

Blanket flower has simple needs. All it really wants is a sunny spot and an occasional drink of water. They aren't fussy about soil type, but do prefer a well drained spot that doesn't stay muddy after a heavy rain. In the northern parts of their range, a light winter mulch will help them handle below zero temperatures. Blanket flowers also grow well in containers.
Divide blanket flowers every two or three years to keep the plants vigorous. It can be a short-lived perennial so add new plants every few years.

Blanket flower may be a feast for butterflies, but it's not intended for human or animal consumption.

  • Light

    Outside: Sun

  • Colors

    Orange, Red, Yellow

  • Water

    Moist, well-drained soil

  • Special Features

    Attracts butterflies
    Deer/rabbit resistant
    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Blanket Flower with these varieties:
Coreopsis is a great partner for gaillardia because both plants bloom at the same time and are similar in height.

Red Hot Poker
The tall bloom spikes of red hot poker are a great companion for blanket flower.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot' Arizona Apricot Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Arizona Apricot'

An award winner, ‘Arizona Apricot’ blanket flower develops lovely yellow petals that gradually darken to a rich apricot center. The plants bloom nonstop all summer, especially if you remove the faded flowers as they appear. It grows 1 to 2 feet tall. Zones 3-9

Gaillardia 'Arizona Red Shades' Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Arizona Red Shades'

Arizona Red Shades blanket flower is an award-winning selection that shows off rusty-red flowers all summer and into autumn. It grows 12 inches tall and wide. Zones 3-9

Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun' Arizona Sun Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun'

Bright red serrated flowers edged in yellow make ‘Arizona Sun’ a great choice for hot, sunny locations. This drought tolerant variety is an award winner. Zones 3-9

Flowers for Florida®
Gaillardia 'Gallo Dark Bicolor Gallo Dark Bicolor

Gaillardia 'Gallo Dark Bicolor

Gallo Dark Bicolor is a smaller-growing blanket flower variety that shows off large red-and-yellow flowers all summer and into the fall. It grows 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Zones 6-9

Gaillardia 'Gallo Peach' Gallo Peach Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Gallo Peach'

A newer variety, 'Gallo Peach' blanket flower shows off a steady supply of lovely sunny-yellow flowers accented with peachy-orange centers. Zones 6-9

Gaillardia 'Gallo Red' Gallo Red Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Gallo Red'

Easy to grow and flowering nonstop throughout the summer, 'Gallo Red' blanket flower features lovely red-orange flowers that attract tons of butterflies. Zones 6-9

Gaillardia 'Mesa Bicolor' Mesa Bicolor Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Mesa Bicolor'

Enjoy a constant stream of amazing yellow flowers with red centers when you plant ‘Mesa Bicolor’ blanket flower. It the perfect choice for the sunny border or containers. It grows 18 inches tall. Zones 5-9

Gaillardia 'Mesa Yellow' Mesa Yellow Blanket Flower

Gaillardia 'Mesa Yellow'

Award-winning Mesa Yellow blanket flower is sure to bring your yard (or container gardens) to life with its constant display of cheery yellow flowers. Mesa Yellow grows 16 inches tall and 20 inches wide. Zones 5-10