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Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema sp.

Chinese Evergreen Plant Features

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), is one of the best plants for beginners (or folks too busy to keep most houseplants alive). This sturdy plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition. While it's one of the toughest plants, it's also beautiful. Most varieties have rich green leaves attractively patterned with silver. It also has cute, calla-lily-like blooms in spots where it gets enough light.
Chinese evergreen, when it's young, is small enough to fit on desks, tabletops, and other surfaces. It's a slow-growing plant, so you can enjoy it without worrying if it will grow out of bounds. Older, larger plants are suited to growing on the floor --- in corners, next to furniture, or as an accent piece along a wall. The silvery tones in Chinese evergreen's leaves let you have some fun choosing pots; the neutral color works with just about every decor color palette and style.

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Chinese Evergreen Growing Instructions

You can grow Chinese evergreen just about anywhere in your home --- it tolerates low light well, but also grows well in bright spots. It doesn't even need natural light to thrive --- Chinese evergreen does just fine in offices with fluorescent lighting. 

The plant is equally low-care when it comes to water; you can water regularly, keeping the soil evenly  moist, or water once every few weeks and Chinese evergreen will do equally well. It doesn't require fertilizer, but will grow best if fertilized once or twice a year in spring or summer (or every six months) with a general-purpose houseplant fertilizer.

Chinese evergreen is not recommended for human or animal consumption.

Special Care

  • Light

    Indoors: Low light
    Indoors: Medium light

  • Colors

    Green, Silver, Variegated

  • Water

    Low water needs

  • Special Features

    Super-easy to grow

Complement your Chinese Evergreen with these varieties:
Snake Plant
Snake plant is the perfect partner for Chinese evergreen. They're both some of the best indoor plants and look beautiful together.

ZZ Plant
A fellow Plant of Steel, ZZ plant is as tough as they come. Its shiny green foliage complements Chinese evergreen perfectly.

Chinese evergreen has an upright, mounding shape. Contrast it with the vining stems of pothos.

Varieties: Our Favorites

Aglaonema 'Cecilia' Cecilia

Aglaonema 'Cecilia'

Cecilia is an exceptionally beautiful Chinese evergreen that features wide, silvery-green leaves variegated with dark green speckles.

Aglaonema Edgy White Edgy White

Aglaonema Edgy White

Edgy White is an amazingly tolerant variety that shows off dark green leaves edged in white. The petioles and stems are also white, adding to the contrast.

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty Emerald Beauty

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty

Emerald Beauty is a stunning variety of Chinese evergreen that offers dark green leaves accented by feather-like markings of silvery gray.

Aglaonema 'Golden Bay' Golden Bay

Aglaonema 'Golden Bay'

Golden Bay Chinese evergreen was developed by the University of Florida and shows off gray-green leaves with a creamy-white center and silvery variegation. It's one of the easiest houseplants to grow.

Aglaonema Maria Maria

Aglaonema Maria

'Maria' is a stunning variety of no-fuss Chinese evergreen that offers shiny, dark green leaves that have silvery markings.

Aglaonema Nicole Nicole

Aglaonema Nicole

You'll love this Chinese evergreen, which offers medium-green leaves that have a broad silver stripe running down the center.

Aglaonema Queen Juliana Queen Juliana

Aglaonema Queen Juliana

An excellent Chinese evergreen to mix with other varieties in your collection, Queen Juliana shows off mostly green leaves is a cinch to grow.

Aglaonema Romeo Romeo

Aglaonema Romeo

A lovely variety, Romeo Chinese evergreen has long, narrow silver leaves marked with dark green.

Aglaonema Silver Bay Silver Bay

Aglaonema Silver Bay

One of the most common Chinese evergreen varieties, Silver Bay bears silvery leaves outlined in rich, deep green.

Aglaonema 'Silver Queen' Silver Queen

Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'

'Silver Queen' is a variety of Chinese evergreen that features dark green leaves striped with silver. It's a great indoor plant for medium or low light.

Aglaonema Slim Jim Slim Jim

Aglaonema Slim Jim

Giving your Chinese evergreen collection a decidedly different feel, Slim Jim shows off long, narrow leaves that offer a stunning textural contrast to other varieties. The foliage is dark green with lighter green variegation. It also offers striking white stems.