Alocasia Polly


Give your favorite space a touch of the tropics with this exotic houseplant. Its foliage brings dramatic texture to your favorite well-lit space. Enjoy it as a living sculpture.

Light Level: Indirect Sunlight

This plant needs to live in a room with at least some natural light. Place it on a table or countertop with windows nearby.

Water Level: Thirsty

This plant can only go 1-2 weeks without water so check on it weekly and add water every time the top two inches of soil dry out.

Quick Tips

Alocasia can develop brown leaf tips and edges if the air is too dry. Boost the humidity around it by spritzing it if you see this happen.

Size Guide

Grower Spotlight

Jacqueline “Jackie” Balmaceda

It’s tough for Grower Jacqueline Balmaceda to pick a favorite houseplant, but Alocasia is near the top of her list. She adores it for its beautiful foliage and ability to handle the amount of light found in the average home. Alocasia makes a striking addition to any home or office décor. Jacqueline knows Alocasia: She’s been a part of the Costa Farms family since 2019 and oversees the propagation process and our Trending Tropicals® collection. She’s been in the horticulture industry for more than 20 years.


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