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Plants for Special Occasions

Give Houseplants for the Holidays

Giving houseplants as gifts is a brilliant solution to the problem of figuring out the perfect gift. Everyone loves plants. By Karen Weir...

Cool New Plants for 2017 from Costa Farms

Our Plant Hunters scout the globe for new varieties. Here’s what’s new we’ve been testing and are ready to hit your local garden center i...

Add Color to Your Home with Flowering Houseplants

Flowers are the perfect way to imbue your home with life and color. Here are some of our favorite flowering houseplants. By Justin Hancock

Top Plants for College Students

These 12 low-maintenance plants are perfect for every college living space.

Decorate Your Home with Perennial Flowers

Look for blooming perennials and use them to brighten indoor spaces. After the flowers fade, move the plants into your garden and enjoy t...

Romantic Plants that Say I Love You

Giving flowers is a traditional way of showing the people in our lives we care. But living plants last longer and can be just as colorful...

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Orchids

Long-lasting and exotic, orchids are ideal gifts. Plus, they offer beautiful ways to add color and life to your home. Here are easy ways ...

Houseplants Make You Healthier

There are many scientifically proven benefits to having plants in your home or office. Learn about some of the ways plants really can imp...

Grow Beautiful Bonsai

Add elegance and style to your home or office with a bonsai. Get our tips and tricks for growing a bonsai of your own!  By Justin Hancock

A Shopper’s Guide to Buying Bonsai

Bonsai are sculptural little plants that mimic the stature and beauty of mature trees. Discover how to buy and care for bonsai. By Karen ...

How to Pick the Perfect Houseplant Gifts

Plants make for wonderful gifts. Check out our tips for choosing the best ones. By Justin Hancock

A Shopper's Guide to Buying Perfect Poinsettias

Love poinsettias? Use our tips to pick poinsettias that will last. By Justin Hancock

Crotons: Dramatic Plants for Fall

Beautiful crotons add bold color to your spaces, indoors and out. By Justin Hancock

What’s Your Plant Personality?

Everyone has a perfect plant partner. And perhaps even more than one. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Give Air-Purifying House Plants, a Great Last Minute Gift

Are you on a last minute gift hunt? These natural air filters are easy to purchase, rarely trigger a long line or waiting list around hol...

Get 'Lucky' in the New Year

Lucky bamboo meaning plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth.

The Surprising Life of a Norfolk Island Pine

From high-altitude seed harvests in Hawaii to growing fields in south Florida, your Norfolk Island pine makes a long and miraculous journ...