Get 'Lucky' in the New Year

Get 'Lucky' in the New Year

Lucky bamboo meaning plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth.

There is no better way to wish someone luck in the New Year than by giving the gift that has "luck" in its name!

Lucky Bamboo is given for luck in general and to light up the future. Also, certain numbers of stems are given for luck in specific areas, such as health, harmony, prosperity, advancement in business, etc.

History of Lucky Bamboo
When you place this plant in the correct pot, it introduces fire and metal to complete a balance of the five elements. This plant is one of the most recognizable feng shui cures. Its popularity is two-fold. The plant is elegant and simplistic in care requirements and it can survive in any kind of light.

Feng shui principles suggest using bamboo to attract vibrant fresh chi. Because the bamboo is a strong plant, it helps to energize your home.

Lucky Bamboo vs. Other Bamboo
Lucky bamboo is not the kind of bamboo you're accustomed to seeing. This variety is smaller and related to the dracaenas family. The varieties of bamboo you see growing in gardens and mountainsides grow rapidly with runners that can overtake a yard. Lucky bamboo doesn't grow rapidly. Its roots only grow a few inches and can't produce runners. The sprouts also experience limited growth. These characteristics make it an ideal houseplant.

How Lucky Bamboo Is Curled
You may have seen photos or an actual lucky bamboo plant that is curled, wavy or has several stalks woven together. It grows like other bamboo and appears to be a straight stick plant. The growth of this plant is carefully controlled in order to make it curl. Growers place the stalks on a flat table in a greenhouse. Three sides of the stalk receive no light while one side is exposed to bright light so it grows in that direction. To achieve the curl or wave, the stalk is manipulated and rotated. Curling the stalk can take up to a year or a year and a half to achieve.

Need a few tips for keeping your lucky bamboo looking its best during the cooler months?
1. Make sure your lucky bamboo stays warm when the cold deepens! Make sure the plant is positioned away from drafty windows and doors, and if it is resting on the cold floor consider moving it up onto a low table or stool to help keep the water from getting too cold.

2. Low light makes everyone happy! Having access to a little sunlight will make your lucky bamboo warm and cheerful! Just be careful that the plant does not sit in direct sunlight as this could sunburn the leaves very quickly.
3. Consider using some gentle lucky bamboo fertilizer (a few drops per week) to fortify the plant through good and balanced nutrition.