Haworthia Pumila Succulent


Now properly known as Tulista pumila, this low-water succulent is as stylish as it is easy to grow. Its thick, dark green leaves are attractively decorated with raised white bumps, adding texture and interest to desks, tabletops, windowsills, or wherever else you like to display it. It only needs watering once every couple of weeks or so but can go a lot longer between waterings. It’s perfect for beginners as well as anyone with a busy lifestyle. This easy succulent is shipped fresh from our farm, direct to your door and price includes shipping, handling, and a heat pack if necessary.

  • Slow growing, but can get 8 inches tall and 10 inches wide over time
  • Easy-care nature makes it perfect for DIY projects
  • Lives for decades with good care

Light Level: Direct Sunlight

This plant loves direct sunlight. Place it by a window or on a porch that gets direct, natural light for at least a portion of the day.

Water Level: Not Thirsty

This plant can go several weeks without water. Only water it when the soil dries out completely and be careful not to over-water.

Quick Tips

It grows best indoors with lots and lots of light. It thrives both with natural sunlight inside, plant lights, or a combination of both.

AI Assistant

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Size Guide
Haworthia Pumila Succulent | small

Plant Bio

Tulista pumila

Originating from South Africa, Tulista pumila has been reclassified several times since its discovery and has been known as a both an Aloe and Haworthia before being moved to its own genus. Though it’s properly Tulista pumila, many still refer to it as a Haworthia. It is larger than the average Haworthia, but just as easy to grow.

When grown indoors, it wants as much light as it can get. It grows best within 1 to 3 feet of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window or the equivalent from plant lights. It prefers average household temperatures and tolerates low humidity levels. Water as the three-quarters or so of the potting mix dries to the touch. Avoid overwatering and keep it away from hot or cold drafts. If you grow it outdoors, it prefers afternoon shade and a well-draining soil.

Note: This plant may have some natural degree of toxicity and may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. Additionally, exposure to the sap of this plant may cause discomfort to individuals with a sensitivity to it upon contact. It is grown for ornamental purposes and not intended for human or animal consumption.


Haworthia Pumila Succulent | small

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