Ficus Shivereana


Shivereana Rubber Tree is one of the most interesting and beautiful Rubber Tree varieties. This low-maintenance variegated plant features creamy-green leaves liberally streaked, splashed, and speckled in olive green. Each leaf is unique, creating a living work of art for your home or office. Experience the joy of having an easy-care houseplant delivered straight to your door, fresh from our farm. The price includes shipping, handling, and even a heat pack if necessary.

  • Easier to grow than Fiddleleaf Fig and more upscale than Burgundy Rubber Tree
  • Perfect for both new gardeners and experienced plant enthusiasts, this plant is a breeze to care for
  • Can grow into a 6-foot-tall (or larger) tree with good care over time

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Plant Bio

Ficus elastica Shivereana

Also known as Moonshine (and Shivereana Moonshine), this is one of the most distinctive and sought-after varieties of Rubber Tree. In frost-free areas like its native Southeast Asia, this tree can grow up to a towering 40 feet tall. But don't worry if you only want to enjoy it as a houseplant. With lower-light conditions and containers that restrict root development, you can easily control its growth and keep it the perfect size for its room.

Shivereana Rubber Tree grows best in medium to bright light (within 3 to 4 feet of a large, unobstructed east- or west-facing window is often ideal). It can be supplemented – or grow entirely – under artificial lights, as well. Water as the top half or so of the potting mix dries to the touch. Give it average household temperatures and average to above-average relative humidity levels.

Note: This plant may have some natural degree of toxicity and may cause discomfort or illness if ingested. Additionally, exposure to the sap of this plant may cause discomfort to individuals with a sensitivity to it upon contact. Grown for ornamental purposes and not intended for human or animal consumption.

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