My Costa Farms Internship

My Costa Farms Internship

Dig into what it's like to be an intern at Costa Farms!
I was intern at Costa Farms during summer of 2018. The 10-week internship program was well organized and a great experience. On the first day, the team was welcoming. Right from the start, they really put a lot of effort into this program and I appreciated the time they took to get to know me and help me grow. In this time, I gained valuable knowledge and made connections with amazing people that are incredibly supportive -- and that I could always count on. 

Costa Farms InternAbout the Program 
If you're wondering about this program, it offers many internship opportunities for a wide range of majors (horticulture, sales, finance, information technology, etc.). I worked in the marketing department, for example. Being in marketing was interesting because I did something different every day. I picked up new skills and honed my design abilities as I completed my various projects, such as assisting with a video shoot on for the company’s Tropic Escape® collection of premium hibiscus and mandevilla. 

My Projects
My biggest (and favorite) project was creating Plants with Benefits™, an eBook about the health benefits of growing houseplants. Concentrating on home gardeners is important to us here at Costa Farms -- and my eBook is a fresh way to spread the word about houseplants. The work was meaningful because it will reintroduce O2 For You®, a collection of houseplants tested by NASA for their air-purifying or abilities. I was happy I had an opportunity to get creative with this project and I felt proud of the outcome of Plants with Benefits™.

I dived into the publishing world with this project, a facet of marketing I hadn’t worked on. It was a great learning experience -- the skills I picked up will help me in the long run. As I grow, I will continue to improve my marketing abilities, so I’m able represent my future company the best way by bringing my ideas to the table.

The Costa Farms Culture
If you’re thinking about interning at Costa Farms, one important thing to know is the work culture. The environment is team-oriented -- there are so many growth opportunities! The people are positive and always willing to help. They genuinely care about your progress so you don’t feel intimated to ask questions. Sharing ideas is encouraged here too! Since I started working here, I have become more outspoken and confident.

Costa Farms Perks
Costa Farms provided a personality test that helped me recognize my leadership style, knowledge I can apply to all my future career experiences. I’ve realized the importance of learning the different leadership styles and how they influence collaboration. This test made me aware of my own strengths and weaknesses, too, so I can improve and grow.

The company also provided classes on how to conduct a successful presentation, which helped me when I presented my final project to the Costa Farms CEO and other company executives. 

The marketing department gave me the resources I need to be successful. I made connections with people I can always depend on. This program is extremely helpful if you are eager to learn and ready to move out of your comfort zone. The challenges I faced taught me valuable lessons that I could have not obtained in a college classroom. I recommend this internship to anyone -- it’s a fantastic program composed of people who want to make you better. This is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss!

By Keysha Daniel, Costa Farms Intern

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