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Behind the Scenes

Grower Profile: Michelle Opela

Meet Michelle Opela, the beneficial insects whisperer at Costa Farms. 

Growing Plants Sustainably: Coir vs Peat Moss

Growing plants in a sustainable way is important. At Costa Farms, going green starts with coconuts

My Costa Farms Internship

Dig into what it's like to be an intern at Costa Farms!

Hot New Plant Alert

We share a behind-the-scenes look at a brand-new houseplant hitting garden centers later this year.

Visit Our Trial Garden!

Come see the Costa Farms Trial Garden! 

Top Plants from Our Trials

We test more than 500 varieties of brand-new plants in our Miami, Florida, Trial Garden. See which did the best! 

Exotic Angel Is Where Houseplants Are Born

A tour of the Exotic Angel production facility reveals the care and passion of growing houseplants. 

Grower Profile: Mike Rimland

Plant hunter Mike Rimland, reveals the magic behind finding new plants. 

Costa Farms Fall Garden Photo Contest Rules

We're celebrating fall with a Facebook photo contest! Share your fall garden or container gardens for a chance to win.

Hanging Baskets for Summer

Keep your hanging baskets looking good through the hot months with these plants. 

Grower Profile: Angelica Cretu

From Romania to South Florida, Angelica Cretu has changed continents, but she’s always had plants on her mind.

Planter Profile: Steven Bryant

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to growing plants. Assistant grower, Perennials at Costa Layman, Steven Bryant talks about...

Costa Farms Trial Garden Winter Open House

The Costa Farms Trial Garden Open House is Friday, January 22, 2016. Learn more!

How Costa Farms Gives Back

We're more than just a plant company. Discover some of the ways Costa Farms gives back. 

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Happy National Houseplant Appreciation Day! Some of our experts celebrated with a trip to New York City. How did you spend the day?

Welcome to Our New Website

Our website, just received a makeover. Here's a quick guide to some of the site's cool new features!