Meet Your Care Team

Did you know that here at Costa Farms, we have a full-time Care Team dedicated to ensuring you have all the support you need in your plant journey? Whether it's recommending the perfect plant for your space, answering questions like when/how to repot or propagate, or you have a plant you'd like us to identify, our Care Team is happy to help. 


You can reach out a variety of ways --- our Contact Us page, via email at, or call us at 855-915-5561. Note: our Team is staffed Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm (Eastern time). 


Illustration of Mini Monstera houseplant in pink potAshley

Ashley prides herself in quickness and strives to give you lightning-fast response time to take care of your every need. 

See what other people have said about getting help from Ashley!

  • "Ashley was insanely quick and went way above and beyond to help me." 
  • "She was very responsive and resolved by issue with kindness. Great customer service!" 
  • "Excellent. Support was very responsive and fast. A great experience."


Illustration of Raven ZZ houseplantGabriel

Gabriel has decades of experience growing indoor and outdoor plants and endless enthusiasm. You'll love talking to him!  

See what other people have said about getting help from Gabriel!

  • "Gabriel was great with my tiny little issue with plant identification. Quick, kind, and accurate!" 
  • "I received a concerned and knowledgeable response from Gabriel. I am looking forward to watching my Mini Monstera grow!" 
  • "Gabriel has been very responsive and provided good customer service."


Illustration of Philodendron Pink Princess houseplantLily

Lily is a natural problem-solver who loves putting her skills to good use. She works tirelessly to ensure you get the answers you need. 

See what other people have said about getting help from Lily!

  • "Lily was extremely responsive and supportive. She addressed my concerns and was a pleasure to work with." 
  • "Lily was very friendly and attentive. She listened to my concerns, looked the pictures I sent, and provided a solution. I also appreciated that she called me back. I originally disconnected a previous phone call due to wait time and decided to leave an email inquiry." 
  • "I'm shocked by how amazing this was handled. Thank you so much...I'm in tears."


Illustration of Monstera adansonii houseplantLoki

 Loki puts his background in science to use, especially when it comes to helping diagnose issues or identify plants. He has the know-how and experience to answer your toughest questions. 

See what other people have said about getting help from Loki!

  • "The support could not have been better, and I am pleased to deal with a company that stands behind their products. Loki, as always, was kind, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. I will be a return customer." 
  • "Loki was great at explaining what had happened to my plant. I truly appreciate the quick response and great customer support." 
  • "Loki was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable asking questions."


Illustration of cactus houseplant in purple potMegan

Megan is a nurturer at heart and puts her all into ensuring you have the best-possible Costa Farms experience. 

See what other people have said about getting help from Megan!

  • "Response was prompt and she answered my question exactly." 
  • "It's such a pleasure to do business with a company such as yours that exhibits such high standards and excellent customer service." 
  • "Genuinely love all of your plants and your customer service has been amazing."

Written by Justin Hancock