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Save Your Tropical Plants in Winter

Tropical plants won’t survive winter outdoors where temperatures freeze. But you can save them. Here’s how. 

Plant Care Tips

Light for Houseplants Light for Outdoor Plants Watering Houseplants Watering Outdoor Plants The Wick & Grow® Self-Wat...

Hot New Flowers for 2014

Every year plant breeders release a host of brand-new plants. Here are some that caught our attention! By Justin Hancock

About Plant Patents

It can be confusing to see a plant tag say "propagation prohibited." Learn more about plant patents and why tags have to say this.

Brighten Up Shady Spots with Foliage and Flowers

Flowers, foliage, tropicals -- see what you can grow in the shade. 

Create a Tiny Garden

If you’re a fan of home improvement shows on cable TV, you’ve probably seen and heard a lot about the Tiny House movement. But what about...

Creative Containers With Regional Appeal

Add regional appeal for your containers by choosing salvaged items that have a sense of place. 

Raise Your Sights

Pot-lined stair steps make a beautiful entryway. 

Enjoy Early Spring Color

Push the seasonal envelope with early-bird annuals that keep on blooming even through an occasional unexpected frost.

Fanciful Fall Foliage

Get big color impact with a fountain of fall color. 

Add Sensational Summer Color with Shrubs

Shrubs aren't just for landscapes. Here are five fab shrubs for your patio!

Cool-Weather Classics

Pansies are the cheerleaders of the cool-season garden. Their happy flowers provide a big boost of color to beds, borders, and containers.

One Front Entry Three Ways

We used a variety of container gardens to show three different looks in the front of one house. By Justin Hancock