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Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Orchids

Long-lasting and exotic, orchids are ideal gifts. Plus, they offer beautiful ways to add color and life to your home. Here are easy ways ...

Use Containers of Houseplants Outdoors

Get more bang for your buck by planting houseplants in your pots outdoors.

How to Plant a Super Succulent Bowl

It's so easy! Follow these step-by-step directions to plant your own succulent bowl. By Doug Jimerson

Gardening Basics: How To Plant a Container Garden

Container gardens are easy ways to add color and interest to any space. Get tips for making beautiful containers. By Doug Jimerson

How to Make a Planter with Pavers

Here's an easy weekend project: Make a planter out of pavers! We'll show you how. By Justin Hancock

Save Tropical Plants Before Winter

Cold-winter gardeners can enjoy their hibiscus and other tropicals all winter long. Learn how! By Doug Jimerson

How To Divide Perennials

Keep your perennials lush and healthy by dividing them regularly. By Doug Jimerson

How to Make a Butterfly Garden

It’s easy to make a butterfly garden. Use these simple steps.

Repotting Houseplants

Most houseplants can live happily in the same pot for years. But some fast-growing species such as philodendron or pothos may outgrow the...