How to Make a Planter with Pavers

How to Make a Planter with Pavers

Here's an easy weekend project: Make a planter out of pavers! We'll show you how. By Justin Hancock
By Justin Hancock

Make your own planter with pavers -- it's a fun (and easy) weekend project that's also relatively inexpensive. Working with pavers allows you to match the hardscaping already used in your yard to create a more cohesive, professional look. And because pavers come in different sizes; add variety to your containers by making several!

Paver Planter DIY Project - MaterialsMaterials List

(5) Concrete pavers (or pieces of cut flagstone)
(1) Tube of landscaping or construction adhesive

Paver Planter DIY Project - Arrange PaversStep 1

Arrange four of the pavers to create the outline of a square; the end of each will overlap with the next one, creating smooth edges all the way around the square.

Paver Planter DIY Project - Using AdhesiveStep 2

Run a thick line of the landscaping adhesive along the edge of each . Be sure to press the pavers together firmly so that once the adhesive dries, it will hold the pavers together. Note: One easy way to keep your pavers in place while they dry is to wrap them in bungee cords.

Paver Planter DIY Project - by Costa FarmsStep 3

Once the adhesive dries and cures (typically it takes about 24 hours, but read the directions on the product packaging), apply the adhesive along the inside top edge of each . Set the fifth on top of the others and allow the adhesive to cure and dry. This fifth will become the bottom of your planter.

Once the adhesive has cured and dried, turn your planter upside down and fill with potting mix (don't use garden soil). After that, you're ready to plant!


You may need to apply new adhesive every year or two, depending on the quality of the adhesive, your climate, and other conditions.

Plants for Paver Planters

You can use just about any of your favorite annual plant varieties in these planters. Because stone can get warm in sun, heat-loving varieties such as angelonia, and pentas are particularly good choices. We also love the look of low-care cacti and succulents in paver planters. Check out an assortment of our favorite succulents!

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