Personalize Your Containers!

Personalize Your Containers!

Give your plants more personality with this easy DIY project of personalized planters.

Who says all the color in a container garden has to come from plants? Paint your own pots as a fun, easy weekend project that lets you personalize your look.  

Materials List
Terra-cotta pots
Painter’s tape
Paint brushes
Outdoor patio paint
Spray acrylic sealer

Step 1
Outline your design with painter’s tape sketch it with a pencil.  Use painter’s tape for geometric patterns such as triangles or chevrons to create clean, crisp lines. For a more abstract look (such as a quotation or a picture), sketch your design with a pencil to get a sense of size and space before you paint.

Step 2
Paint your design. For all-over color, use a wide, flat brush. For a smooth finish, use a brush with fine bristles; for a more textured look, select a brush with coarse bristles. If you use multiple colors, allow each coat to dry before applying the next color. Also: Allow each section to dry completely before removing the tape. This prevents the paint from peeling or smudging.  
Tip: Paint your pots with plants in mind, choosing colors and patterns accordingly. For example, paint a pot with simple patterns featuring blues and greens to complement the muted hues of succulents.

Step 3
After the paint is completely dry, take your container outdoors and spray the surface with two to three layers of acrylic sealer, keeping the spray can about 12 inches away from the pot. Let it dry completely between each coat.
Tip: Use a sealer designed for indoor and outdoor projects.