5 Reasons Why I Love Anthurium

5 Reasons Why I Love Anthurium

Exotic, colorful, and long lasting: oh, and there's so much more to this gorgeous plant.
Anthuriums are cheery, exotic flowering houseplants that offer glossy, green heart-shaped leaves topped by heart-shaped pink, red, or white long-lasting blooms. Here are 5 reasons to grow this houseplant in your home. 

1 They bloom all year round!
You’ll enjoy the exotic blooms of anthurium all year long (as long as they are happy). This means that they get the right light, fertilizer, and moisture. Anthuriums are originally from Central and South America, where they grow under the leaves of large trees. In your home, this means that they prefer a medium or bright light, but not direct sunlight. They’ll even grow under artificial lights. If your anthurium isn’t producing flowers, it’s probably because it isn’t getting enough light. 

2 Anthuriums are natural air cleaners.
Did you know the air inside your home is more likely to be polluted than outdoor air? Thanks to the way that energy-efficient homes seal out outside air, airborne chemicals are more likely to be trapped inside. Plants, such as anthuriums, can help with that. These leafy wonders help scrub harmful chemicals and indoor air pollution from homes and offices. Here are other plants that help cleanse the air in your home. 

3 These beauties love humidity, so they are ideal for bathroom decor.
Anthurium require high humidity to thrive and will suffer without it, often getting brown edges on their leaves. Consider keeping your anthurium in a well-lit bathroom or near your kitchen sink. Or use a  pebble tray under its pot. Although this plant is from tropical places, it is susceptible to root rot, so don't overdo watering.

4 Anthuriums can grow outdoors in summer.
In summer’s sultry weather, anthuriums are beautiful additions to porches and patios, where they add tropical flair. If you want to place them in the garden, make sure it’s a shaded spot with moist, well-drained soil. Once the weather cools down in the fall, bring them back indoors. If you live in USDA Zone 10, you can enjoy anthurium in your landscape all year. 

5 They mix well with other houseplants.
Anthuriums grow well on their own or mix them with other bold tropicals such as red aglaonema for a high-style look.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson