5 Reasons Why I Love Jade Plant

5 Reasons Why I Love Jade Plant

Beauty, toughness, and longevity are just a few reasons to own a jade plant.  Oh, and there's more. 
When it comes to houseplants it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I love them all! But, there’s a few that I must admit that I like a bit more than others. Jade plant, for example, is always on the top of my must-have list because it’s as beautiful as it is easy-care.

Here are five great reasons why you should include jade plant on your shopping list.

1 Beauty
Jade plants sport bright green, fleshy leaves atop thick attractive stems. Some varieties also offer variegated foliage or have interesting tube-like leaves. The plants’ almost bonsai-like appearance is especially welcome in contemporary or Asian decor.

2 Toughness
Talk about an easy-care plant. These houseplants are rugged enough to survive even when moisture is scarce. In fact, I’ve even had a jade plant that was misplaced and didn’t get watered for 5 months and, although the leaves had shriveled, they filled out within a day of being watered. Because jade stores water in its fleshy leaves, it’s a great plant for forgetful owners like me.

3 Longevity
With basic care jade plants will last a long time. In my collection, I still have a jade plant I bought during my college years decades ago. When I lived in Iowa, I dutifully gave that plant a summer vacation outdoors every year and was always careful to bring it back inside before frost. And now that I live in Florida, it’s been growing by leaps and bounds.

4 Steady Growth
Jade plants are never going to win any races when it comes to new growth, but to me, that’s a good thing because you don’t have to repot them constantly. Eventually they can grow 3 to 5 feet tall, but indoors they will stay compact for long periods of time. You only need to feed them once or twice a year.

5 Disease Resistance
There’s no worries about diseases when it comes to jade plants. These hardy souls are resistant to most common houseplant problems except they can’t tolerate over watering. Water only when the soil surface dries out completely and your plant will be fine. Occasionally, jades will be attacked by mealy bugs, but they are easy to eradicate by rubbing each insect with an alcohol-soaked Q-tip.

Written by Doug Jimerson