5 Reasons Why I Love Lucky Bamboo

5 Reasons Why I Love Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo, a twisty-turny draceana, is like a living piece of art. Oh, and it's super easy to grow, too. 
If you love Asian food as much as I do, you’re probably very familiar with Lucky Bamboo. That’s because it’s a tradition for these restaurants to prominently display at least one Lucky Bamboo by their front door to insure good luck. 

Here are 5 reasons why I love Lucky Bamboo.

1 Unlimited Style 
The bright green stems of Lucky Bamboo are can be trained into a wide variety of shapes. These naturally cheerful plants are often sold in heart shapes, twists, curls, and more. They look great in clusters, but even a single stem can hold its own in any decor.

2 Easy Care
It’s not hard to keep Lucky Bamboo happy. That’s because they grow in water instead of soil so all you have to do is make sure their water doesn’t dry up. Of course, you can grow them in soil if you like, but they are just as happy sitting in water. Just offer them a little liquid fertilizer designed for aquatic plants. They also thrive in low and medium light.

3 Versatile
Because Lucky Bamboo grows in water you can use any vessel you choose to give you plant a home. There’s no worries about putting a drainage hole in the bottom of your favorite ceramic pot either. Just fill the container with water and drop in your plants. 

4 Great Gift
Does a friend or loved one in your life have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Instead of sending them a greeting card or scribbling a quick message on Facebook, why not give Lucky Bamboo as a gift? These meaningful and happy plants don’t cost a lot, but they will bring happiness (and luck) to your special someone for months to come.

5 Collectible
Because Lucky Bamboo comes in so many shapes and sizes, the plants are very collectible. Plus, they work almost anywhere in your home -- on a mantel, desk, windowsill, kitchen counter or bathroom vanity. You can also dress them up for the holidays but attaching small ornaments to their stems. They’re just a lot of fun!

Written by Doug Jimerson